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Wooden leg for table, wooden chair legs, maybe cabinet legs? The wood feet for furniture with article number “KN” are available in eight different sizes, so you can pick the one that fits your furniture best, whether you plan to restore antique furniture or build new pieces!

Because of their shape, these wooden table legs UK fall into the category of cabriole legs. A cabriole leg is shaped in two curves, the upper curve always bows outward, while the lower one always bows inward, with the axes of the two curves in the same plane. The oldest known use of such legs were in ancient China and Greece. By using these legs, you can give your furniture an elegant feel of antique styles, evoking bygone eras.

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This beautiful table leg is not the only one we offer. Find the best carved table leg for your furniture style. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.


Wood feet for furniture, antique, multiple sizes, beech

Reference: KN-1-B

The “KN” wood feet for furniture are made of beech, and available in multiple sizes. They can become great wooden legs for table, chair legs or cabinet legs. They come in handy if you plan to restore antique furniture oreven to build new pieces. These furniture accessories can be easily adapted to the existing furniture by varnishing or painting.

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