Bamboo wallpaper, bamboo blind for internal wall cladding, effective and decorative
  • Bamboo wallpaper, bamboo blind for internal wall cladding
  • Bamboo wallpaper, first and second class qualities available
  • For sliding closet doors or internal wall cladding, use our quality bamboo products
  • Great heat insulation for bedroom wall panelling ideas
  • Bamboo wall panels with home delivery on Naturtrend Shop
  • Bamboo wallpaper with home delviery, available on Naturtrend Shop
  • Bamboo blind on Naturtrend Shop, available with home delivery
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  • Bamboo wallpaper, bamboo blind for internal wall cladding, effective and decorative

Our BC30 bamboo wallpaper has the best shading from all our products, making it an especially good choice for blinds. It is usable both in and outdoors, though we recommend further treatment for the latter, in order for it to last longer. This bamboo blind can also become great internal wall cladding as it is a good heat insulator, easy to clean and durable, not to mention decorative. The usefulness of this bamboo wallpaper does not stop at blinds for your windows and making your bedroom wall panelling ideas true, however: use it in a door insert, or make sliding closet doors with it to give a real exotic feeling to the rooms they are in!

Bamboo is among the oldest plants on Earth. In Asia, they have been using it in interior design for thousands of years, but they always treat it with respect. In China, for example, bamboo represents endurance and tenacity. Nowadays, more and more people turn to bamboo, which is hardly a surprise: it grows very fast, making it a cornerstone of sustainable growth, and, of course, it is environmentally friendly, as it is a natural material.

If you order a full roll of bamboo wallpaper, the postal delivery is free of charge.

We offer jointing and edging strips for the bamboo wall panels.

Check out the wide selection of Naturtrend Shop for more natural, quality bamboo panels, rolls and furniture accessories!

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Bamboo wallpaper, bamboo blind for internal wall cladding

Reference: BC30-180-1-K

The “BC30” bamboo wallpaper is made of 7mm wide, brown bamboo strips woven together. It is 15m long and either 180 or 240cm wide. You can use this bamboo blind to make your bedroom wall panelling ideas, as it makes for a great internal wall cladding. But some sliding closet doors or a door insert made with its help can also brighten up your home!

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