Bamboo blinds and bamboo roman blinds

Bamboo blinds are a great way of reducing the amount of direct sunlight and heat in gardens, terraces, patios and verandas as well. They are practical because they provide a nice shady area while enjoying the fresh air. And for this Bamboo is the proper material for they allow air to flow through its fibers more easily than other types of shades...

Bamboo blinds are a great way of reducing the amount of direct sunlight and heat in gardens, terraces, patios and verandas as well. They are practical because they provide a nice shady area while enjoying the fresh air. And for this Bamboo is the proper material for they allow air to flow through its fibers more easily than other types of shades.

The Naturtrend produces bamboo blinds in custom size, also. You can also order online bamboo shades for a small window or a larger outdoor bamboo blinds UK a terrace on your own. You can choose from a variety of materials for bamboo roller blinds uk and 3 different kinds of the stylus (seen mechanics, unseen mechanics, and bamboo roman blinds). So you can not only specify the width and height of the blind.

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The blinds are made from natural cane blind materials and bamboo sticks. This bamboo roller blinds uk materials are available in various shades of brown. This brown color has come from a natural process so-called carbonization which is the heat treatment of the different bamboo blinds material. On the influence of heat treatment, the sugar in the bamboo caramelizes. So the rods are not painted. Unlike the range of stores, you can order blinds for windows of different sizes from the same material/color. With a variety of sizes, materials and operating options, the bamboo window blinds will look good on the window, balcony door or terrace. It's also a practical shading solution, which is very good care of your privacy, and it's also perfect for home furnishings because it's aesthetically pleasing and natural.

What sizes bamboo blinds may order?

You may order bamboo blinds of any width, but you can't make a blind that's wider than 240 cm. Because there's no wider base material. There is no such limitation at height, as each bamboo roll is 15 m long, so you can make any length of bamboo window blinds.

How do I handle bamboo blinds to make it suitable for outdoor blinds?

The blinds made of bamboo are untreated, but if you thinly lubricate both sides with exterior wood oil, it will be moderately waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor bamboo blinds UK. For shading of the terrace or balcony from spring to autumn. You can also request us this treatment with wood oil when ordering the blind, but nevertheless it is advisable to care with the wood oil annually. For this, we recommend Sadolin wood oil for garden furniture.

What kind of bamboo blinds should I order on a slanted window?

Shading can also be done if the top of the window, the porch or pergola is slanted. You may order slanted shape bamboo blinds from Naturtrend. A custom shape bamboo blinds can be ordered that fits the shape of a long, slanted window for example. We ask drawing and dimensions for them.

How block light (blackout) are these bamboo blinds?

Bamboo blind materials can be seen to varying degrees, so if you want to choose from this, please see the gallery where all the materials are photographed in a backlight, so you can see how light-permeable.

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  • Prefabricated bamboo blinds online sale

    Promotion from the bamboo blinds webshop. Prefabricated bamboo roller blinds UK are for sale at a reasonable price. These products cannot be requested in individual sizes. But, for example, if we want bamboo shades for every window and balcony door in one of our rooms. And we only find prefabricated blinds in the right size of windows and we don’t find prefabricated bamboo blinds in the right size for the doors. Then you can order a custom, made to measure bamboo blinds for the doors at the link below. Note that the price of prefabricated bamboo shades is always more favourable.

    The bamboo shades sizes available for purchase are 100/120/140/150/180 cm width, from slim to extra wide bamboo blinds. The length of the bamboo blind can be selected from the drop-down list for each product. Currently available from two types of raw materials.

    The bamboo window blinds are equipped with visible mechanics which have brakes. This allows the blind to be stopped at any height. The location of the pull-up cord is optional, whether on the right or left side. The selected bamboo roller blinds UK will be posted by courier service within one week of the order. The bamboo window blinds are not only anti-discretionary blinds for care your privacy on the window, but it can also be a bamboo room divider or a balcony shader. Of course, if the method of use is outdoor bamboo blinds, then we need to ensure proper surface treatment. We recommend our surface treatment service for this. The outdoor bamboo blinds require regular maintenance and wood oiling, which can be done domestically. For this, the recommended product is Sadolin wood oil. As part of this promotion, we offer first-class prefabricated bamboo blinds from stock at an economical price.

    The selected blinds will be posted by courier within one week of the order. When you estimate the expected shipping of the product, please take into account the following: The bamboo blind is equipped with the mechanics on the next working day after the order so that the pull-up cord is on the side of your choice. If you ask for wood oil treatment, the bamboo blinds need 2-3 days of squeak and drying time after the treatment before packing.

    If you want a bamboo blind of these materials in dimensions that we do not offer among the prefabricated semi-finished blinds, you can order it separately at the custom, made to measure bamboo blind order link. See below. Note the price of prefabricated blinds is more favourable.

    If you need a custom, made-to-measure bamboo blinds, please measure your door or window and order to click here!

  • Made-to-measure bamboo blinds online

    Lets Measure and Order! The made-to-measure bamboo blinds fits your door, window and patio precisely. Outdoor bamboo blinds and oblique (non-rectangular) blinds can be ordered. The sizes of the bamboo blinds are varied, but the custom bamboo blinds always fit perfectly with your door and window.

    There are some unusual windows in my home. Are there oblique bamboo blinds?

    Yes, there are. The right angle is optional at the Naturtrend made-to-measure bamboo blinds webshop.

    What should I do if I want to order a perfect fit roller blinds online?

    All you have to do is the measure and fill out the order form of our bamboo blinds made to measure webshop.

    What kind of arrangement can I choose?

    You can order custom bamboo blinds from six materials, 3 types of style (mechanics), both for indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds.

    Where can I order custom bamboo blinds, for example, extra wide bamboo blinds?

    Click here the link and fill out the form, please.

    How can I see bamboo blinds raw materials?

    The Naturtrend custom bamboo blinds webshop send the sample of blind materials without obligation by post.

    Ask for our free bamboo blinds sample package, click here!

  • Bargain Sale of bamboo shades fair in the bamboo blinds webshop

    Bargain Sale! From our selection of bamboo blinds in stock, we now offer reasonably priced pieces for availability.
    There's one style that never goes out of fashion the natural bamboo blinds.

    The bamboo blind is perfect for achieving this. This is the timeless attraction that makes this bamboo shades always popular. The bamboo blinds are simple and easy to install. Bamboo blinds are excellent anti-discretion for care your privacy, reducing UV radiation. Protect the eyes from the beat light. Door, window, balcony, terrace, veranda, patio shades can be solved equally well with outdoor bamboo blinds.

  • Indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds

    Indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds from Naturtrend webshop for sale. Pleasantly shady rooms and cool terraces are protected from the great heat, the burning sunlight and prying eyes. What more do we need to feel ourself at home? You can do this with the help of the privacy care bamboo blinds your own home.

    The bamboo blinds UK is the perfect choice for lots of styles and places, natural style. It's a style that never goes out of style. The bamboo shades and bamboo roman blinds are perfect for achieving this. This timeless looking and attraction that makes the bamboo blinds always popular.

    Bamboo shades and outdoor bamboo blinds can be ordered from the Naturtrend bamboo blinds webshop set in a wide range of widths and lengths to perfectly match your windows. They are versatile and easy to maintain. The bamboo roller blinds dress the window in a natural oriental style.

    What's great about bamboo cane blinds is that it's an anti-discretionary barrier for curious eyes. But at the same time, it allows the light to get into the room, creating a warm, friendly atmosphere. Bamboo blinds are a completely natural and durable material that comes from renewable sources.

    If you like the balcony, terrace, patio shades pleasantly spend your time using outdoor bamboo blinds as solar shades is a well-fitting solution. Reduces UV radiation and eye-popping blushes. Outdoor bamboo blinds are reduced to moderately waterproof by treatment with wood oil. This means that the bamboo shades can be applied well to the balcony, porch, veranda. From spring to autumn, the outdoor bamboo blinds are also excellent for pergola shading.