Bamboo blinds and bamboo roman blinds made to measure


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The Naturtrend bamboo roll up blinds webshop undertake indoor and outdoor bamboo roller blinds and bamboo roman blinds made to measure Please, fill the order form. 

We have 5 different bamboo blinds material and 4 kind od design.

Please read the information in the description below.

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40,00 € tax incl.

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The first step to a well-fit made to measure bamboo roll up blinds is based on an accurate measurement.

The made to measure bamboo blinds and bamboo roman blinds have natural style, help to care your privacy and shade. The calculator in the sidebar allows you to see our quote and place your order in no time.

Our bamboo blinds webshop made blinds from 5 materials. There are four versions of bamboo blinds to choose from. The mechanics of all four versions of bamboo roller blinds contain brakes so that the blinds can be stopped at any height. The roll up cord may be on the right or left side in all cases.

Mechanika: 1G

Bamboo blinds with simple 1g mechanics

Traditional bamboo bamboo window blinds with visible mechanics sign 1g. Basic price product. Attention! We can safely produce this type of bamboo roll up blinds up to a length of 180 cm. Of course, we can make it in a larger size, longer design at the request and responsibility of the buyer. But in this case, we can not guarantee it!

Mechanika: 2G

Bamboo blinds with hidden mechanics

Bamboo roller blinds with hidden mechanics sign: 2g. The bamboo blind material rolls from the bottom up. It is a basic price product where the price of the 10-cm material which covering the mechanics is added as an additional cost. Also recommended for large extra wide bamboo blinds and extra long bamboo blinds.

Mechanika: 3G

Bamboo blinds with robust 3g mechanics

Bamboo roll up blinds with reinforced slats without mechanics covering skirt, sign: 3g. The material of the bamboo blinds rolls from bottom to top. Basic price product. Same as 2g but no skirt, so the mechanics are visible. Also recommended for large, extra long and/or extra wide bamboo blinds.

Mechanika: 2R

Bamboo roman blinds sign 2r Bamboo roman blinds with hidden mechanics known: 2r. The material of the bamboo roman blinds does not roll when pulled up, but scrolls. As the production is time-consuming of roman blinds Ireland, in addition to the cost of the 10-cm material covering the mechanics, we also charge a piece-by-piece additional fee. Attention: for the length above 1,5 meters (5 feet) the bamboo roman blinds are not recommended!

The material of the bamboo blinds is not surface treated. The untreated material is not suitable for outdoor use. To make outdoor bamboo blinds must be treated with wood oil on both sides (for example Sadolin Garden Furniture wood oil). Attention:  We do not recommend varnishing the bamboo blinds, as it hardens the weaves and cannot be rolled up.

We also produce bamboo blinds from class 2. materials. The second class material is a little bit more colourful (not uniform in colour) and loosely weaved material. When producing second-class bamboo blinds, we expect a more favourable base price. This kind of raw material is not always available from all types of bamboo blinds material and width.

Slatted, oblique blinds

we undertake not only the production of rectangular bamboo blinds but also inclined or slatted blinds. This kind of bamboo blinds usually has a manufacturing surcharge. Enter the two largest (width and length) dimensions of the bamboo blind in the calculator and order form. This will show an approximate price which is right nearly 95% of the case. For the price quote, please send the exact dimensions and drawing by email to After then we can quote you the exact price of the bamboo blinds.

Important! We send bamboo blind 10*10cm samples free of charge and without any obligation. We urge you to ask more samples from different materials before ordering a custom-sized window shade. It is important to check the blind materials with your own eyes before the purchase because the colour reproduction the monitors can distort the images on the screen and the result can differ from it in reality and also be colour difference between the shipment. The surest thing to do is to have the material in your hands and see your eyes. If you do not request sample we will not be able to accept any complaints about the colour and shade of the bamboo blinds.
Send me free bamboo blinds sample, click here..

The time consumption of the manufacturing of bamboo blinds Ireland between 5-10 workday. It depends on the number of orders are in progress. To this adds the delivery time. This information you can find in the order process confirmation.

These unique products will be manufactured to the size you specify, so we can only start production after the payment has been made!

These bamboo blinds product have many synonims for example: wicker blinds, rattan blinds, bamboo blinds ikea, roman blinds Ireland etc.