Bamboo cladding in brown color


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Brown color bamboo panel for bamboo cladding with varnishes surface. The 12 mm wide slats glued on textile bearer. You can build an oriental style bamboo wainscoting in your home. You can buy them on 180 or 120 cm wide roll. It is a meter priced material. To buy a full roll 10% discount and free shipping!

Please ask sample free of charge from bamboo cladding, click here!

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24,40 € tax incl.

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The wall design with bamboo panel achieves a feeling of well-being in your home. A wall with too many colors seems disturbing, too little does not attract the view - bamboo cladding with natural colors relaxes us. In Asia, bamboo is still an integral part of almost all areas of people's life. Bamboo is still seen in China as a symbol of endurance. The bamboo pole quick when growing, and can replace the tree. Cut into slats, bamboo is glued on textile bearer and the resulting bamboo cladding is used as a natural material. Our bamboo wainscoting is textile-coated and offered as a meter priced material. There is no minimum purchase quantity.

So can also be used small bamboo cladding for door inserts, kitchen internal cladding, for wall protection, and much more. Bamboo wainscoting material is available on rolls of 15 m each in 120 and 180 cm width. If you order an entire roll, we will not charge you any delivery costs and get a 10% discount.

We are happy to send you small pieces of samples to view. Please click on the link for free bamboo panel samples.

Bamboo is easy, thin, very decorative, and can be easily cut in the direction of the slat. We also undertake to cut perpendicular to the slat direction of the bamboo panel.

The bamboo cladding is simply glued to the wall with the textile-coated back. Another way to attached on the wall to use the edge and closing slats for bamboo wallcovering. We offer them in our webshop.

Wood panel wall bedroom or a door insert, all of them made from bamboo wainscoting.