Brown bamboo wallpaper for decorative wallboard


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This is a bamboo wall cladding from the Naturtrend bamboo wallpaper assortments is great for decorative interior wall paneling. It has medium brown color. This bamboo wall cladding made from slats glued on a textil bearer. The slat widt is 5mm. The roll are 15,24m length and 120 cm wide.
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decorative interior wall paneling

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Sometimes you wish an oriental style bamboo decor in your home on the wall.  To form 3d bamboo wall panels from bamboo pole are hard and slow work in DIY. But our bamboo wall cladding in roll material make it easy. There are two way that you simply can fix on the wall the decorative wallboard. The primary method by glue on the wall and therefore the second is to use skirting. For this, we provide our next products for this: edge and shutting slats.

The bamboo wall cladding in roll perfect for wardrobe door decoration, on sliding wardrobe doors. Classic small-sized door surfaces (for example kitchen cupboard doors) into the door front from behind bitten within the pit we place the bamboo wallpaper in from behind (like the glass). The vertical wood cladding can stick (mount) onto the carrier substance. As a carrier substance 4mm thick rear wall, we may use a wood plate for example. We make the glueing with white colour timber industry adhesive, please choose the unseen after drying kind glue.

Also, a good solution for giant doors, if we've the door cut out from a furniture sheet, we stick bamboo wall decor rolls onto the surface of the entire door front.

This decorative wallboard made from 5mm carbonized bamboo slats glued on textile beare. The roll lenghts of decorative interior wall paneling is 15,24m. And the roll is 120cm wide. We cut the lenght what you need.