Microribbed bamboo wallcovering with textile back


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The bamboo paneling in roll is a great material for example to create beadboard. This bamboo wallcovering build from 7mm wide brown color bamboo slats which have decorated with 4 rib. The backside of the internal cladding is textiles. Meters priced goods. We offer a discount to buy a full roll (15m).

Ask our free sample from bamboo paneling to see your eyes, click on the link.

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24,40 € tax incl.

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With the Naturtrend you feel comfortable. We have the opportunity to design the furnishings to your own taste. Now we offer modern and decorative bamboo wallcovering a heat-insulating material, as a natural product. Bamboo paneling can use to not only beautify your home but also to protect the environment and forest. The surface of this internal cladding protected with half shiny varnishing and has a warm brown color. The bamboo strips with 4 ribs are attached to a textile base material. They are thin so they don't restrict the space. The wood panel wall bedroom for example itself is thin, about 3-4 mm. The beadboard is glued to the wall in an appropriately prepared inner wall. The other method to fix the internal cladding fastened with a frame and end and closing slats that you can see on the link.

Buy bamboo panels in full rolls and a discount is also offered. If you order a full roll of bamboo wallcovering, you will receive a 10% discount and pay no delivery costs.

You tell us the dimensions and we cut the bamboo wallcovering to size. The material can be cut very easily at the knot points of the sticks using scissors or a wallpaper knife. We can also cut the material lengthways (perpendicular to the thread degrees).

This thin material can also be used for wooden panels. It is also proposed as a door insert for doors, cupboard doors, but also for decorative purposes.

The bamboo paneling are glued on a textile bearer perfect for wardrobe door decoration, sliding wardrobe doors. You can use  bamboo wallcovering UK in kitchen cupboard doors too. Classic small-sized door surfaces (for example kitchen cupboard doors) into the door front from behind bitten in the pit we place the bamboo wallpaper roll in from behind (like the glass). The bamboo roll can stick (mount) onto the carrier substance. As a carrier substance 4mm thick rear wall we may use a wood plate. We make the gluing with white color timber industry adhesive. Easily and well can be sticked the bamboo rolls, it is not necessary to be afraid of the workflow.