Ribbed bamboo wall panels as wainscotting panels


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This bamboo wall panels has untreated surface which made from 6mm wide rods with 2 ribs, glued on textil bearer. You can make bamboo walls indoor from this 180 cm wide material. This bamboo wallcovering is a meters priced one, but 10% discount and free shipping from 1 roll.

We advise yout to ask sample from our bamboo interior wall cladding on the link free of charge and without any obligation.

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31,60 € tax incl.

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This bamboo wall panels a thin material can also be used for wooden panels. It is also proposed as a door insert for doors, cupboard doors, but also for other decorative purposes.
You tell us the dimensions and we cut the bamboo wall panels to size. The material can be cut very easily at the knot points of the direction of the slats using scissors or a wallpaper knife. We can also cut the material lengthways (perpendicular to the slat directions).

A discount is also offered. If you order a full roll of bamboo wall protection material, you will receive a 10% discount and pay no delivery costs.

A wainscotting panels wall covering made of bamboo can be used in a variety of ways. Not only decorative wall coverings for bedroom for example. Does your child complain of cold at night? The solution is a bamboo wainscotting panels behind the cot! Decorative bamboo walls indoor in the kitchen gives the impression that it was only yesterday when you moved into your house! After surface treatment, our bamboo wall covering can also be washed off with a damp cloth.

Bamboo wall panels can fix on the wall by glue. Or to use our edge and closing slat see on the link.

The bamboo interior wall cladding on wardrobe and built-in cupboard doors look exceptionally decoratively on the big surfaces. It is necessary for the bamboo wall panels to stick on a carrying surface and gluing with timber industry adhesive (please choose the type which is unseen after drying) and to press onto the surface while drying. Following the drying according to a claim can be painted and/or can be glazed, can be lacquered the door insert.