Extra wide bamboo blind 200cm

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Since our custom-sized products made of natural and untreated bamboo material if you plan to use it outside do not forget to provide the proper surface treatment. If you are ordering for outdoor, please let us know! In this case we will use water-resistant adhesive, which will not incur any extra cost.

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The Chinese believe that bamboo can actually bring good life as well as preserve it as well. While in India, they believe that bamboo is a mark or symbolism of friendship. Because of the wide and varied usage of bamboo, it has eventually made its entry into the world of Western interiors. It was not easy to incorporate it completely since Western design has a different foundation altogether. However, bamboo blinds were introduced. Accessories have always been the easiest to incorporate and that is what happened with the introduction of the bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds are classy and elegant and more so, have become very popular.