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Reed diffuser scent stick, aromatherapy reed diffuser

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The reed diffuser scent stick is a first-class product, which is a creative accessory with a length of 20 cm and a diameter of 3 mm. The reed diffuser sticks are solid inside, the cells of the vascular bundles in it absorb the water and evaporate it. Therefore, it can be used as an aromatherapy reed diffuser. Price for 1000 pcs.

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Base Price (per 1000 pcs): $16.60

Total Price : $16.60

x 1000 pcs

We offer quantity discounts in case or larger orders or reed diffuser sticks:

The prices below are gross prices and are in USD for 1000 rattan reed diffuser sticks. The specific payment for the reed diffuser replacement sticks is made in HUF. The exchange rate is the national central bank rate. You must inform us of the validation of the discount because the system does not handle it automatically.

Under 10.000 pcs

List price

10.000 db - 29.999 pcs

23 USD

30.000 db - 89.999 pcs

21 USD

90.000 db - 199.999 pcs

20 USD

200.000 db - 499.999 pcs

19 USD

500.000 and above

18 USD

Perfume stick

A home with a pleasant smell calms and relaxes. Most fragrances are associated with emotions, sights, and memories, thus shaping the harmony of our environment, which is why we all strive to achieve it. One of the most ancient ways of perfuming a home is when water that turns into steam carries the scent of essential oils. There are several types of perfumery: scented candles, candles, sprays, perfume lamps, but the real thing is the perfume made from natural ingredients, such as the natural reed diffuser. The rattan fiber not only fulfills its task as a perfumer, but it is made from a renewable resource, it does not require energy for its operation, therefore it contributes to sustainable development, which has become a prominent aspect especially nowadays.

The scent stick is not hollow inside, but a solid, strong fibrous material. Along the length of the vascular bundles, there are wide water-carrying cells, which take up water and transmit it. The rattan stick perfumer emits the fragrance that rises in the long water-carrying tubes of the peddig intestine through slow, even evaporation. A scent stick can also be made at home by placing a 20 cm long rattan thread or stick in the essential oil liquid. If we want to increase the intensity of the fragrance, we need to increase the number of fragrance sticks. It can be placed in several places in the apartment, it does not require constant monitoring, it smells good, and we can relax.

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