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Bamboo cladding, bamboo panelling for door insert, hallway cladding

Reference: BT-17-N-2-A

The bamboo cladding with reference code “BT-17-N-2” is made of 17mm wide bamboo strips glued to textile. This bamboo panelling is 15m long and 180cm wide. Bamboo rolls are great wall panelling materials, they make a great hallway cladding, but are also a great choice if you need a door insert. Also available in second class, which has smaller cracks every now and then.

We offer free samples.


Base Price (per m): $13.10

Total Price : $13.10


Did you know that bamboo

-is one of the oldest plants in the world?

-is a quickly growing, natural and environmentally friendly material?

-can give your whole apartment a new, egzotic atmosphere?

Our bamboo cladding is 15m long, and is made with a textile back. This bamboo panelling has a silk gloss varnishing. It works great as hallway cladding or door insert. We recommend using it indoors, where it can also become a bamboo room divider or a sliding closet door.

When ordering a complete roll, we offer a 10% discount and in this case the shipping is free.

We offer jointing and edging strips for the bamboo cladding.

This bamboo cladding is also available in second class quality, in which case it has a few cracked strips every meter or so.

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