Bamboo cladding, wainscotting panel for bamboo cupboard doors
  • Ideal as modern bedroom wall panelling
  • A bamboo room divider can lend your room a whole new feeling
  • They make great bamboo cupboard doors
  • Bamboo cladding, wainscotting panel for bamboo cupboard doors

Bamboo cladding, wainscotting panel for bamboo cupboard doors

Reference: BT-12-N-0-A

The BT-12-N-0 bamboo cladding is made of 12mm wide bamboo strips glued to a canvas surface. The wainscotting panel is in its natural state, its surface has not been treated, meaning it can be freely varnished or pickled. The bamboo cladding is available in either 120 or 180cm width. The product is second class, meaning there can be a couple of gaps every meter or so.

Available Products:


Base Price (per m): $20.90

Total Price : $20.90


Amount discounts

Reference Roll Length Discount
BT-12-N-0-180-2-A 15 m 10% / roll

The bamboo cladding can give a comfortable feeling to your home. Too many colors can be disorienting, while too few are uninteresting- but this wainscotting panel with its natural brown color simply radiates relaxation and comfort. In Asia, it has been a common interior decoration element for thousands of years. It is the symbol of tenacity in China to this day.

The bamboo cladding can be used as a modern bedroom wall panelling, decorating your bedroom while protecting its walls at the same time. Aside from being decorative, a bamboo room divider can also make it feel like you have more rooms in your home. Last but not least, these bamboo rolls are not just good wall panelling materials, bamboo cupboard doors can make furniture look good as new too.

On its canvas backside, this wainscotting panel can easily be glued to walls. We offer jointing and edging strips for the bamboo cladding, should you desire to apply it without using glue.

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