60cm wide cane webbing roll

TH-1/2-60-G Naturtrend

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This perforated cane webbing roll is already well known. The cane webbing is used in many ways, for example for bentwood chairs, for renovation or for making a cane radiator cover and rattan panels. It provides an opportunity to implement many interior design ideas. The cane webbing goes well with every style of home. We cut the desired amount from 60 cm wide cane webbing rolls for you.

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53,40 € tax incl.

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The product with article number TH-1/2-60-G is a perforated cane webbing, also known as rattan sheets. But it was also called rattan fabric in the past. The material is in 60cm (24inch) roll. If we buy a full cane webbing roll we give you 10% discount and free shipping. Otherwise we cut the lenght what you need. Cane webbing Ireland is a rattan by the metre.

Material G is a natural, straw-yellow color with a darker shade than both our cane webbing roll marked with N and S. The load-bearing capacity of the G-marked cane webbing material is slightly lower than that of the S-marked one.

What the cane webbing used for ?

The G-marked cane webbing Ireland is mainly purchased by our customers for a cane radiator cover, door front inserts and cabinet door inserts. So everywhere, where good ventilation is important. When renovating a home, for example, many people plan to install a rattan room divider and partition. The rattan sheets are a good decision for this as well.

What does the letter like S, G, N mean in article numbers of cane webbing?

This is an indication of the quality of the different cane webbings.

S, ie Superior - special quality cane webbing, butter-coloured, good load-bearing capacity, therefore it is most expedient to repairing cane chairs for example bentwood chairs or thonet chair.

G - ie Good - is a natural straw yellow color rattan sheets: Its load-bearing capacity is less than that of the S rattan webbing roll. These rattan sheets can be used to recaning the backrest of the chair during renovation,rattan panels as rattan cabinet door inserts or as to make a cane radiator cover.

N, i.e. Normal - first class cane webbing, butter-coloured, most people buy it as a cane radiator cover or door front insert material, rattan sliding wardrobe doors or rattan panels.

How do I view cane webbing material?

Ask free sample of cane webbing Ireland and other EC couNtries, click on the link.

What is cane webbing roll material made of?

The cane webbing roll made of rotang. Also known as rattan palm: Which is a fast-growing, lean-like creeper native to the primaeval forests of Southeast Asia. You can grow lianas up to 200 meters, some with a diameter of 5 cm. We can say that rattan is one of the longest plants on Earth. The peels of this plant are made of this cane webbing.