Open weave cane webbing to caned chair (50cm width)

TH-1/2-50-S Naturtrend

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All time classic favourite the thonet chair. Naturtrend Shop open weave cane webbing may use to repair an old thonet chair. The mark of the cane webbing is TH-1/2-50-S, S mean extremely strong rattan material, the repetition of the pattern is ½ inch. It can also be used to make rattan partitions, trendy wall protectors, rattan radiator cover to decor your home in our
contemporary interior design.

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What kind of material is the rattan from which the cane webbing is made?

The rattan material from which the cane webbing is woven, is made from the fast-growing rattan palm that can grow up to 200 meters of lianas and is one of the longest plants on Earth.

What is your cane webbing UK offer?

In our offer you will find several cane webbing roll widths, which is common in them that the length of each cane webbing roll is 15.24 m (50ft). There is no minimum order quantity, so up to 0.4 meters of rattan by the metre goods are available. In our webshop, open weave cane webbing is sold, which is suitable for room divider, rattan radiator cover, but it can also become a really trendy wall protector in the hands of skillful hands in modern house interior.

How many discounts do you have on cane webbing UK?

When buying a whole cane webbing roll, we provide you with two types of benefits: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we postage free of charge.

What does it mean thonet?

We distinguish between closed and open weave cane webbing. Thonet is a pitted cane webbing UK known by several other names, such as rattan weaving, french rattan, rattan sheet etc., but some refer to it as rocking chair cane. As its structure is perforated, it is excellent for use wherever good ventilation is important. In addition to the examples already mentioned repairing cane chairs, it can also be used for door front inserts and individual anteroom walls and rattan radiator cover.

Where does the name thonet come from?

Master carpenter Michael Thonet was already alive in the 19th century. He was an iconic figure in furniture art and design. After gaining the right to manufacture furniture bent from the Viennese court chamber. His first cane webbing furniture was born, as his well-known main work is nr. 14 the chairs, commonly known as thonet chairs one kind of bentwood chairs. The German name of the material, Viennese weave, refers to Viennese bonding. On the seat of the curved wooden frame, the seat part is made of cane webbing, which is a perforated rattan material, comfortable and well ventilated. Although the S-labeled rattan weaving, like our present TH-1/2-50-S product, has good load-bearing capacity. But it is not recommended to stand on it, as it can easily lead to the fibers of the tonet material bursting.