Radio weave cane webbing, cane webbing radiator cover
  • Ariel or radio weave cane panell
  • Cane webbing radiator cover
  • Square cane webbing for rattan radiator cover
  • Radio weave cane webbing
  • Radio weave cane webbing, cane webbing radiator cover

The ROP 5x5 rattan radio weave cane webbing can be used everywhere where a large specific ventilation surface is important. The fiber from which the rattan material is woven is 5 mm wide, and the holes are 5*5 mm in size. The color of ROP thonet radio weave rattan darkens slightly over time, especially in sunny places.

It is important to know that not all products can be pickled. What will definitely catch on is the coloring agent mixed into the shell varnish, as well as the coloring agent mixed into the beizen varnish.

The material of the thonet rattan panel is well ventilated. Most people buy it as an indoor room divider or cane webbing radiator cover. This thonet rattan material is also suitable for door front inserts, rattan wall protectors and false ceilings, with the latter one being a place where air exchange is required. It can be used to decoratively cover the ventilation opening, but it can also be used as an inlay for furniture that does not receive a significant load.

If you want to pickle, ask us for a free sample and try it out.

How can I get the rattan material at a discount?

The rattan goods we offer can be purchased by the meter, the length of the rattan roll is 15.24 m. When you buy a whole roll of rattan, we offer you two advantages: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we waive the postage cost. In case of pre-payment of a full roll, please do not transfer the amount indicated in the order, wait for our response.

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ROP 5x5 60

Data sheet

Method of use
Air-permeable material
Decorative fabric
False ceiling
Radiator cover
Reed fabric strength
Decor quality

Radio weave cane webbing, cane webbing radiator cover

Reference: ROP 5x5 60

Theradio weave cane webbing with “ROP” in its reference code has a square pattern. Due to its easily ventilated material, it is suitable for the production of rattan panels, cane webbing radiator covers and indoor room dividers. Naturtrend Shop offers rattan goods by the meter in many designs. To make your decision easier, ask us for a free sample package.



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