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    Classic pattern of fleur-de-lys or fleur-de-lis (French lily) shaped pattern decorative wood mouldings for furniture. The wooden appliques UK can be ordered in several sizes. It is not only a symbol of the Scouts. But also during the renovation of furniture, this woodcarving is also the friend of the joiner. Made from a  light-coloured wood, freely dyed...

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    The wood carvings for resale are only available in a standard size and a given type of wood. Whereas the handcrafted wood carvings and stuccos, which are mainly made of linden or beech, can also be produced from other kinds of timber. 

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    Wood appliques UK can be used excellently in home decor, furniture making and furniture repair.Decorative wood carvings for furniture give a new look to wood furniture. This carved wooden mouldings UK are made from beech wood. We have many sizes of many products. This allows you to choose the perfect size for your furniture. These carvings can use for...

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    We offer you decorations for your home, not only for doors, front door or gateway but on our website, you will find carved wooden panels for windows and beds as well. Notice that these carvings are not only suitable for classical, solid wood double beds, but any single bed, cot or crib.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items