Pediment crown mouldings with floral ornaments


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The Naturtrend furniture appliques webshop offers a carved wood ornament with floral element and acanthus leaf pattern that is a faithful helper for carpentry projects such as DIY furniture restoration or making a chest of drawers at home.
The FK-317 carved wood ornament will make any home look new, giving a room or a house a new look. These carvings are made of exotic wood.

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11,70 € tax incl.

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These furniture appliques are made of wood. The crown mouldings are offered untreated surfaces. So it can be painted or stained to match the style of your existing furniture.
If you are a cabinetmaker or hobby carpenter, and your plans include DIY furniture restoration or cabinet making in-house then you can make it with our furniture appliques.
Naturtrend carved wood ornament shop's FK-317 furniture appliques with floral ornaments and acanthus leaf carving is made from exota wood. Exota wood is actually rubber wood from which the rubber raw material is extracted. It can be stained and stained in the same way as any other European wood. In terms of its fibre structure and colour, it is between beech and oak.
The word ornamentum comes from Latin and means ornament. The ornaments, decorative elements stand out from the background either plastically or in colour. They are used in many different ways, depicted differently in each period. In the Stone Age, on vessels, later with floral designs, rosettes or fantasy figures in churches, cathedrals, architectural elements or as ceiling stucco over entrance doors. Thanks to their wide range of uses, furniture appliques are well suited to furniture making and decorative wood panels. Another typical use of this crown mouldings as door pediment or window pediment. They are now an essential element of interior decoration.
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