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Lambs tongue moulding, decorative wood trim moulding

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Reference: E
Material: Beech

The lambs tongue moulding with reference code “E” has greatly detailed floral motifs. Its material is beech, it has its natural colors. It is available with a length of 250 or 260cm and a width of either 15, 20 or 30mm. The decorative wood trim moulding is a great tool if you decide to repair furniture, it can become great cabinet moulding or even crown moulding.

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Lambs tongue moulding

The lambs tongue moulding, with floral motifs and with reference code “E” is made of beech. It is available with a width of 15, 20 or 30mm and length of 250 or 260cm. We can only provide the given sizes of the decorative wood trim moulding. We offer a quantity discount from the price of wooden mouldings marked with the color red on the website, depending on the ordered amount. We only sell full pieces. 

Crown Moulding UK: Enhance Your Home with Lambs Tongue Moulding

The lambs tongue moulding has an untreated surface and it is freely varnishable or picklable. You can decorate the shelf or bed with a single piece, the floral motif does not break on it. Its areas of usage are also numerous: it can become crown moulding, moulding for doors panels, or cabinet moulding.

The floral decoration also resembles tulips, which is the most popular, most varied flower of spring. It has been present in many cultures as a decorating motif since ancient times. It can appear on cutlery, pots, clothes, furniture and so on. It is even a national symbol in the Netherlands, where they have a national holiday dedicated to tulips.

The flower appeared in Europe as a result of Turkish occupation in the 16th century. The different colored tulips all have different meanings associated with them: the yellow symbolizes a beautiful smile, but can also stand for jealousy. Variegated ones imply beautiful eyes, the red means love confession. The black tulip has a whole unique history, its breeding was a great sensation in the 17th century. It is rare, therefore means the receiver is worth more than anything to the giver.

Decorative wood trim moulding available a larga scale selection, here!

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