Running coin decorative wood moulding on Naturtrend Shop
  • Natural crown moulding made of beech
  • Door moulding in several sizes
  • Wooden beading trim to repair furniture
  • Running coin door moulding made of beech
  • Running coin decorative wood moulding on Naturtrend Shop

If you plan to repair furniture, then you know it is a delicate subject and a lot depends on picking the right materials. This applies to the wooden carving panels when we would like to build crown moulding or door moulding.

The decorative wood trim moulding UK we offer is a great choice, as it is in its natural state, therefore it can easily be adjusted to its desired surroundings.

We only sell full pieces. If you plan on ordering large amounts, contact us to discuss quantity discount. If the overall price of the ordered products does not reach 30 GBP, we charge an additional 3 GBP as packaging fee.

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Running coin decorative wood moulding, wooden beading trim to repair furniture

Reference: V18-250

Wooden beading trim with a unique, running coin pattern. A favored choice of professionals as door moulding or tool for when they want to repair furniture. The wider versions are also suitable as crown moulding. The Running coin moulding has a length of 250cm, there are four available widths.

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