Dentil moulding, wooden beading trim to restore antique furniture
  • Dentil moulding, wooden beading trim to restore antique furniture
  • Cabinet crown moulding
  • Dentil moulding ideal for cornice coving
  • Victorian architraves made of beech
  • Dentil moulding for doors or furniture
  • Dentil moulding made of natural, quality beech wood

Dentil moulding, wooden beading trim to restore antique furniture

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Reference: PAK
Material: Beech

The wooden beading trim with reference code “PAK” has a wide range of use. The dentil moulding can be used to make great crown mouldings, like a cabinet crown molding, or as door frame decoration. It is an ideal choice when you plan to restore antique furniture. It is made of natural beech wood and has a length of 250cm and width of 80mm.

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Total Price : $69.60

Dentil moulding

The wooden beading trim with the “PAK” reference code is made of beech, is 250cm long, 80mm wide and has a dentil pattern. Its surface is not treated, meaning it can be freely varnished or pickled. As its design does not strictly count as any specific style, the dentil moulding fits well to most interior design styles.

We only sell full pieces. If you plan on ordering larger amounts, please contact us to discuss quantity discounts. If the total price of the ordered items does not reach 20 EUR, we charge an additional 5 EUR as packaging fee. In order to avoid any potential harm, we attach the ordered products to an osb board.

Recommendations for using the dentil moulding:

-improving door cases: the wooden beading trim can effortlessly make an old door case go easier on the eyes

-they can be used as cornice moldings

-they are great as parquet border or floor carpet hemming

-wallpaper plinth: the thinner pieces need a simply glueing, while the thicker ones can be mounted by drilling

-you can use them to frame pictures: as the back of these timber panel mouldings are not grooved, you will need special techniques (such as sticking the frame to the base of the picture)

-should you restore antique furniture, these make great crown mouldings

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