Base board for repairing furniture
  • Base board for repairing furniture
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  • A wooden moulding or moulding is an indispensable accessory for restoring furniture.

Base board, beech wood

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Reference: PAL
Material: Beech

The wooden decorative molding called base board is made of beech wood. It is available in two sizes, either 125 cm or 250 cm long. The milled pattern of the decorative strip fits well with most furniture styles. Thus, these wooden skirting boards can be widely used during furniture repair. They are also excellent as carnist covers. Easy to paint and varnish.

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Total Price : $29.10

Timber mouldings for restoring furniture

The raw materials for furniture repair are now even easier to purchase with the help of the Naturtrend shop. The wooden decorative molding with the base molding is suitable as a cornice cover, a wooden skirting board, but it can also be used as a decorative molding when repairing furniture. A good solution for a decorative strip on the edge of a kitchen counter or for shelves.

Important notice about delivery

Available in lengths of 250 cm and 125 cm. The product is sold in natural beech wood, so its surface treatment can be chosen in any case. Can be colored, stained, varnished. We only sell whole yarn. Contact us for larger quantities. In order to avoid possible damage, we always pack the selected slats in such a way that they are attached to an OSB sheet.

Practices for processing wooden moldings

The glazing highlights and emphasizes the natural wood pattern of the wooden molding. Depending on the direction of the grain, the wood absorbs the paint in a completely different way. Different parts will be emphasized. If you want to achieve an even coloration, use a filler primer, such as Milesi.

After glazing, the paint can be wiped back shortly, so the glaze remains in the recesses and the darker upper parts appear lighter. A spectacular solution is to paint or glaze the border in a darker color than the base.

With its simplicity, this decorative motif adapts to any furniture design, but it can mostly be classified as belonging to the modern style era, where they tried to give up all unnecessary decorations. Even today, we come across furniture where color and material are given more emphasis, not decorative elements. Due to its simplicity, this motif is an excellent decoration for any style.

If you still haven't decided which motif best suits your furniture style, take a look at our range of wooden moldings.

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