Decorative wooden mouldings by style and shape

The decorative wooden mouldings do not only decorate furniture. But the decorative wooden mouldings for furniture are used for interior design and also for redesigning our surroundings outside.
Wooden carving and crown molding are sold by us as wood ornaments to be glued on. So they can be ideally used as furniture mouldings, cupboard decorations...

The decorative wooden mouldings do not only decorate furniture. But the decorative wooden mouldings for furniture are used for interior design and also for redesigning our surroundings outside.
Wooden carving and crown molding are sold by us as wood ornaments to be glued on. So they can be ideally used as furniture mouldings, cupboard decorations, decorative wood panels and cabinet making. The great selection of our offer ensures that you will find the right one for your design. In Naturtrend webshop you can see the decorative wooden mouldings listed according to style, shape and subject. Get new home furnishing ideas, take a look at the selection of our great variety!

What surface treatment do the decorative wooden mouldings need?

Since these are wooden carving pieces, they are mostly attached to the surface of doors or furniture. The surface treatment used for the decorative wooden mouldings is the same as that used for the wing.

How can the wooden carving be attached to furniture?

We recommend. The wooden carving glue with industrial wood glue. Please note! That you choose the glue type which becomes transparent after drying.

What is exotic wood?

It is the wood of the rubber tree, also called Hevea brasiliensis. Exotic wood is obtained as sustainably wood. The milk sap, also called natural latex, is come from the rubber tree. After about 24 years the tree stops producing the milk sap, the trees are felled. This felled wood is mainly used for furniture construction, for example, making decorative wooden mouldings.

Ornamental art was pushed into the background for a while in the 20th century, but postmodernism gave it a rebirth. The digital revolution ensures a new way of presenting these works of art. The communication processes, globalization, multicultural society let the ornamental art revive, especially as a graphic element. In every epoch the ornament was a carefully cultivated type of representation that reflected the respective culture, so today there is an unlimited style and form pluralism due to digital design methods.


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  • Vertical and standing in shape wooden corbels and wooden ornaments

    Enclosed you will find decorative wooden mouldings that are designed vertically according to their shape. These mouldings for furniture is used as wooden corbels for doors, victorian corbels for furniture restoration or wall ornaments. But could complement the style of drawers with its wood motifs also.  Or be used as capital mouldings on windows.
    In the Naturtrend wood online shop, there is a large selection of decorative wooden mouldings with a variety of vertical motifs.

    Our wooden ornaments and wooden corbels have individual styles and give your furnishings an elegant character.
    Please have a look around at Naturtrend and find what suits your home furnishing ideas best!

    Our great variety helps not only wood restorers on wooden furniture restoration but also help the DIY craftsman with furniture and cabinet making.

  • Crown molding for wood restorers and furniture making

    The different kinds of crown molding are horizontal decorative wooden mouldings. These wood carvings are ideal for wooden decorations on the mirror frame above and below symmetrically for example, should it be supplemented with decorative wood trim or inlays. The result is a real feat.
    In Naturtrend online shop you can find cabinet crown molding and kitchen crown molding to stick on and attach them as wooden ornaments for house doors or as window decorations and for cabinet and kitchen furniture, also.
    Please contact us. Take a look at our selection and you will find what suits your project best.
    The crown molding has big in size. The crown mouldings UK is able to define the atmosphere and style of not just a piece of furniture but an entire room.

  • Gothic mouldings for repairing antique furniture

    After the Gothic has spread in architecture, gothic mouldings also adopted the style in the form of wood appliques for gothic headboard, gothic sofa etc. In Europe these forms announced about the land of God, one looked at pointed arches for the Christian symbol of folded, praying hands.

    Naturtrend Shop has gothic mouldings. These gothic ornaments may buy online and we sell them by courier post. In the wood carvings online shop we now offer period wood ornaments with the Gothic motif. For those who love gothic interior design.

    The Gothic elements were quite common in the interiors of the Victorian era. So we can speak about victorian gothic interior design. With all the luxuries and splendour. Gothic arched windows and elongated, pointed peaks that adorned not only the facades but also the interiors contributed to the effect.
    The word Gothic was first used by Giorgio Vasari in the 16th century. It was aimed at the creators who neglected classical traditions, and so can be equated with the barbarous Goths who ruined Rome in ancient times. Today this word is used for the style that developed from the Romanesque style and used a characteristic architectural style with pointed arches.

    Gothic architecture and gothic interior design are easy to recognize for their typical formations, which supposedly came from the Assyrians, and mimic Islamic art. The Normans conquered Jerusalem and Sicily, and brought the Saracen pointed arches as an architectural style to Franconia, thus starting a new period of art.

  • Oval and round shape wooden embellishments for furniture

    Round and oval decorative wood moulding ornaments are popular for large surfaces on furniture and decorative wood panels. In this case, wood rosettes or selected decorative wooden mouldings may place in the centre or at the four corners of the decorated object.
    The carved furniture overlays placed at the corners of the surface are often accompanied by inlays. In this group, the decorative wood mouldings for furniture have very diverse kinds of motifs. Including floral patterns such as the beautiful fleur de lys flowers or french lilly. Similar way we can decorate a mirror frame.
    If you are a hobby carpenter, you can use our decorative wooden mouldings during furniture restoration or repairing antique furniture.
    Come and visit us in the Naturtrend webshop, find the most suitable wood carved flowers for example and other wood carving motifs for your plans!
    You can check out our range of prefabricated marquetry here.
    In a period style environment, wood carving designs for baroque style furniture can be chosen.
    The furniture overlays UK with different patterns may use as decorative wooden mouldings for doors or as wood appliques for furniture. The round or oval decorative wood moulding ornaments could place in the middle or at the four corners. The wood artwork is supplemented with marquetry.
    We also offer decorative strips and inlay strips for your home furnishing ideas.

  • Angular and decorative corner molding

    Rectangular or square shape decorative wood mouldings for furniture are usually placed as corner ornament on a larger surface.
    Sometimes at the centre of the furniture door are decorated with these wooden ornaments. The smaller piece of wood corner
    moulding tend to focus on the corners. But large decorative wood mouldings for furniture typically focus on the centre.
    The carved corner ornament in this group is very diverse, including floral patterns such as the beautiful French Lilly ( fleur de lyse). But the wooden pyramid is here, also. Whether you are a hobby carpenter or a professional you can certainly make good use of our decorative corner molding during furniture restoration or make a periodic carved cabinet.
    Come to the Naturtrend webshop, look around in to find corner decoration ideas. Find the most suitable wood carving patterns and for your plans!
    The decorative wood moldings for furniture in the selection of the Naturtrend shop can be glued to the surface. They are sold without surface treatment. So they can paint to the desired colour by pickling, so they fit into the interior design style.

  • Carved wooden mouldings with grape motif

    The decorative wooden mouldings with grape motifs have become an indispensable element for the intimate, cosy furnishings of the wine cellar, inn and wine bar. But with these wooden appliques on the furniture, we can also remember the connection that stretches back in time. Grape decorations are carved wooden mouldings.
    Grapevine and grape decorative wooden mouldings are excellent for wine cellar design ideas. The Naturtrend wood appliques webshop not only recommends these artistic carvings with grape and grapevine motifs furniture making by carpentry but also DIY hobby woodworkers.
    In Hellenism and Roman antiquity, in addition to the acanthus leaf, laurel leaves, grape leaves and bunch of grapes, and tendrils were typical motifs.
    In Gothic, the ancient acanthus leaf was pushed into the background. Instead, the depiction of grape leaves and other domestic plant varieties came to the fore. Grapes are one of our oldest crops. Dionysus, the Greek god, the epitome of wine and intoxication, had a wreath of pounds of grape leaves on his head, holding a wine glass and a long vintage stick, adorned with grape leaves. Dionysus is synonymous with cheerfulness and vitality, so the grapes reminiscent of it evoke it.

  • Floral wood carving and wood rosettes

    Since ancient times, decorative wooden mouldings had been formed from floral or fantasy patterns. Flowers and leaf ornaments appear in churches and other buildings on columns, ceilings as stucco or house entrances. Art Nouveau brought floral ornaments or designs based on geometric shapes.
    All art movements had ornamental and floral motifs, including architecture for example the decorative wood panels.
    Wood ornaments also use floral motifs (fleur de Lys). Decorative wood panels or furniture door fronts can renew with wooden rosettes made of real wood. Wood appliques may use as decorations for doors. Naturtrend shop of wood restorer offers wood rosettes, French Lilly, fleur de Lys.
    The large selection and variety of patterns, flower wood carving, fleur de lys flowers ensure that your room can be individually designed.
    When a flower blooms, it shows us its beauty. If it does not bloom, it teaches us hope - wrote the ancient Chinese wisdom.
    What would a person be without flowers? Nature has surrounded us for thousands of years. The wildflowers of the willows and the flora planted in our gardens not only beautify our surroundings but, give joy to our everyday lives. Their representation occurs in all art movements. They warn of the course of life, but also give hope for the future.