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  • Diamond trellis panels (65x125cm) for cover, brown
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  • We can cut trellis panels to custom size for wardrobe doors.

Diamond trellis panels (65x125cm) for cover, brown

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Reference: APC-02

This diamond trellis panels in question are available in 65x125cm size, their material is brown bamboo. The wooden lattice with reference code APC-022 is recommended for indoor use. Such diamond trellis panels are perfect for building wardrobe doors, space separators or to be used as thin radiator covers. You can view the custom sizes and their prices by clicking on this link.

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Base Price : $54.80

Total Price : $54.80

Modern solution in furnishing: brown diamond trellis panels

The diamond trellis panels in question (reference code: APC-02) are sold from stock in 65x125cm size. We primarily recommend them for indoor use, where they can be a vital part of home decoration with their natural appearance.

A charming thin radiator cover

A lot of apartments can feel similar, and radiators play a key part in this with most of them looking almost identical to one another. To make the whole apartment unique requires going through an awful lot of ideas, but by simply covering the radiators with thin radiator covers, we can easily give style to these functional objects. The wooden lattice fills its position as radiator cabinet perfectly, as the air moves through it very easily, therefore they do not slow down the heating process whatsoever.

The wooden trellis panels ventillates well and cover up everything

The wooden lattice has many more uses in apartment design. Decorative door panel inserts or wardrobe doors can also be made out of them, not to mention covers for the gas meter or space separators inside rooms. The diamond trellis panels are not just natural, but useful and decorative.

Viewing our products, you might have noticed you can not only order wooden lattice from stock, but also in custom sizes. You can check the custom prices and sizes on the Naturtrend website. Making custom diamond trellis panels takes more time, as creating a wooden lattice is a long procedure. Please, keep this in mind, as long as you plan on ordering a custom sized trellis panel.

Delivery without harm

In order to ship safely, we attach our diamond trellis panels to an OSB board, which does not cost anything to the customer.

Having trouble deciding? We can help you! Order a free 10x10cm sample at

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