Diamond trellis panels (65x125cm) door inserts, beech
  • Diamond trellis panels (65x125cm) door inserts, beech
  • Radiator cabinet from beech trellis panels
  • Diamond trellis panel for radiator screening panel and decorative wooden door panels.
  • Radiator screening panel, beech
  • Diamond trellis panels (65x125cm) door inserts, beech

The diamond trellis panels included in the offer have a size of 65x125cm and are 5mm thick; the slats are 10mm wide. They have a wide range of usage: they are not only popular as lattice cabinet door inserts and slatted cupboard doors, but a wood lattice panel also works great as a radiator screening panel, and makes for an ideal radiator cabinet. The usefulness of diamond trellis panels does not end there: they can be used as decorative space separators or even to build unique vestibule walls.

The wood lattice panel is recommended for indoor usage and can even be ordered in custom sizes. Doing so takes more time, as creating diamond trellis panels is a long procedure. Please keep this in mind if you would like to order custom sized wood lattice panels. The prices of the unique sizes and the possible sizes are available to view on our website.

The warmth of home

Our home is a secluded corner of the world, a place to relax and retreat from the stressful weekdays. This goes hand in hand with making our home feel like home, and to make what surrounds us reflect our taste. Thus, our apartment becomes a lifespace, and is given a personality.

Let our products inspire you in creating a comfortable and beautiful home! The diamond trellis panels also help in this, being a perfect cover for old or even new radiators. If you order a wood lattice panel from us with this purpose, applying it is really easy afterwards. The diamond trellis panels are great space separators as well, with their natural decorative style. Have you always wanted to cover the boiler pipes, but never had the opportunity? The wood lattice panel is a perfect cover for a boiler, decorating the space, easily covering the gas meter.

Our APC-03 wood lattice panel is made of beech, a natural material that is not only a key to sustainability, but also a great decoration.

APC-03 szabvány méret

Data sheet

Method of use
Air-permeable material
False ceiling
Radiator cover

Diamond trellis panels (65x125cm) door inserts, beech

Reference: APC-03 szabvány méret

The diamond trellis panels included in the offer (reference code: APC-03) are available in 65-125cm size, their material is beech. Recommended for indoor usage. The wood lattice panel is a known component in lattice doors, but it is also ideal as radiator screening panel or space separator.

If you are looking for custom sized diamond trellis panels, click on the link for further information.

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