Radiator cover inserts made of beech available with home delivery
  • Radiator cover inserts made of beech available with home delivery
  • Diamond trellis panels 65x125cm beech
  • Radiator cover inserts made of beech
  • Wood lattice panels for cabinets and wood air vent covers
  • Diamond trellis panels 65x125cm made of quality beech
  • You can make a thin radiator covers from diamond trellis panels.

Diamond trellis panels 65x125cm beech

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Reference: APC-05

Diamond trellis panels are made from thin slats glued together at the connecting points with colorless glue. The wooden lattice panels with reference code APC-05 come in 65x125cm size, their material is beech. We sell diamond trellis panels from multiple wood types and even make them in custom sizes, see the link here. They are excellent radiator cover inserts or slatted cupboard doors.

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Total Price : $42.40

Classic and elegant: diamond trellis panels

We sell top quality diamond trellis panels made from beech, with 65x125cm size. The individual slats are 5mm thick and 15mm wide.

The wooden lattice panels can be made from different wood types, and you can also choose between brown or natural colors. Aside from the products ordered from stock, you can also order diamond trellis panels in unique sizes.

For a long time, furnishing was a privilege for the wealthy, while most people emphasized functionality. As the eras of art history went by however, homes started to reflect the evolution of human thinking more and more, as well as the relations between their accessories. Nowadays we desire more than mere purpose fulfillment, we need our things to be decorative, abiding to our needs and personalities. Mixing styles also allow a larger variety of the design.

A great well-ventilated door insert

The diamond trellis panels we offer are valuable assets in creating a complex design, as per our personal taste. The wooden lattice panels are known to make great thin radiator covers that can change the face of the room or even the whole apartment. Aside from being ideal as radiator cover inserts, they also allow stylish solutions to create slatted cupboard doors or space separators in a room. Diamond trellis panels can also be used to build cost saving and decorative vestibule walls. Covering the boiler or gas pipes in a creative way that is easy on the eyes is also easy with wooden lattice panels.

So, why diamond trellis panels?

They enable a well-ventilated solution, which is especially important for radiators, because it does not prevent the free flow of heat.

Especially for families with small children, our wooden fences provide protection against touching the hot radiator.

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This decor grid makes your home really stylish in a cost-saving way.

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