Bamboo wall panel's trim
  • Bamboo wall panel's trim
  • For the edges of bamboo wall panels
  • Bamboo wall panels trim, wall cladding trim for house improvement

Getting our bamboo wall panels up on the wall is one thing, but to achieve a truly elegant result, we will need to have its edges hemmed. By effectively framing the wainscotting with such wall panels trims, we also prevent it from loosening and coming off, aside from the aforementioned aesthetics.

Applying the wainscot cap is fairly easy, it is achievable with glue or smaller nails, but even screws are usable. We just need to watch the level and saw the wall cladding trim to the required size. Use a saw with small teeth for the latter.

An egzotic bamboo wainscotting can achieve some serious house improvement, but it can use some proper wall panels trims to achieve its full potential in beauty.


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Bamboo wall panels trim, wall cladding trim for house improvement

Reference: ELZARO-N-0

This wall panels trim has its natural color and an untreated surface, meaning the customer can freely decide on its glazing or varnishing. The bamboo wall panels trim has a length of 1.8m and a width of 30mm. One half or the wainscot cap’s backside is grooved, allowing great fitting to the wall. This easily adjustable wall cladding trim can be a vital part of house improvement.

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