Acanthus leaf carving on decorative wood mouldings for furniture


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The Naturtrend furniture appliques online shop offers this beautiful column capital with acanthus leaf carving.
The wooden corbels made of rubber wood. The surface of  wooden appliques UK are untreated. So they may varnish and paint as you desired. It is easier to renovate furniture or make the headboards of the bed at home.

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These beautiful wooden corbels are made of exotic wood. And are available in three different sizes. The decorative wood mouldings for furniture with acanthus leaf carving are antique-style furniture appliques.
The wooden corbels are suitable for renewing old chests, cupboards, shelves. But you can also buy wood appliques UK for furniture making.  Our furniture appliques help both the wood restorers and the DIY crafts.
You can place your order online. The dispatch of the goods happens with courier service, to your doorstep.
In ancient times, ornamentation determined the building of temples by the Greeks. Ancient greek capitals from this period are decorated with reliefs that are still known to everyone today, such as the acanthus leaf carving on Corinthian capitals. Acanthus was a popular motif in Europe in the first millennium, it has been adopted from antiquity. The Baroque took it up again, in the Régense it was often associated with handwork, during the Classical period people returned to ancient architecture, and so it experienced its rebirth.

What is exotic wood?

Exotic wood is the name of the wood of the rubber tree. It is sustainably sourced wood from forestry. The milk sap, also called natural latex (caoutchouc), is obtained from the rubber tree. After about 24 years, the tree stopped producing the milk sap, the trees were felled and replaced with new plantings. The felled wood is mainly used for furniture construction.