Square tapered furniture feet from hardwood
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  • Square tapered furniture feet from hardwood

When you need renovating or making furniture DIY then the right furniture accessories and wooden furniture legs have to be at your hand. This carved wooden furniture feet can now be ordered at reasonable price in the Naturtrend webshop.

Wooden furniture legs do not get surface treatment, they can be easily surface treated to the same as of your furniture by pickling, varnishing or painting. Furniture legs can act as antique furniture accessories, but they can also be used for refurbish furniture in modern style. The wooden furniture feet may use as wooden desk legs, kitchen cabinet leg or wood legs for sofas. These bed legs for sale!

Rediscover your home with the carved furniture legs on offer! Natural beauty for sustainability.
You can know this product like ikea legs for furniture.

The wooden furniture feet suffered in the history of the decorative arts, modifications characteristic in their form. The strong, massive furniture feet and slightly curved feet alternate time after time. You find both types of bases among our products too. This type of furniture leg is strong and as massive as the feet at the time of Louis XIII. But it's less decorated. You can put these wooden feet under sofas or under cupboards.


Square tapered furniture feet from hardwood

Reference: AS-DN-23-B

The AS-DN-23 named wooden furniture legs sizes are the diameter  100 mm and the height 150 mm.
The furniture legs is made of beech.
The Naturtrend offers great variety of wood legs for sofas, kitchen cabinet leg, wooden desk legs and and other carved furniture legs at reasonable prices. These furniture accessories are suitable companions for traditional and modern furniture.

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