Carved wooden rosettes as furniture mouldings


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The wooden rosettes offered at Naturtrend furniture mouldings shop will help you if you are looking to wood furniture repairs or renovate antique furniture at home.
Renovating your wardrobe or repairing your antique furniture at home requires patience, dexterity and creativity. The wooden rosettes with baroque pattern RK-821 are made of exotic wood, it can be varnished and painted as desired.

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With the help of the carved wooden rosettes offered by the Naturtrend wood carving shop, the furniture gets a new look. The wood furniture repair is no longer a problem at home.
Our carved wooden rosettes have an untreated surface. It can be painted and varnished as desired, so they can be easily adjusted to your style. We offer RK-821 wooden flowers UK from exotic wood. We recommend our wood carving products not only to carpenters but also to hobby carpenters.
The meaning of barocco is unusual, irregular. Reigned in Europe from the beginning of the 17th century, his works are characterized by a large variety of sizes, imagination and shapes, a restless rhythm and agility of lines. Because of its magnificent nature, every man with power and wealth turned to the Baroque forms if he wanted to emphasize his position.
This beautiful carved wooden rosette will make your home special. You can use for example to make decorative wood panels for cabinets. If you are interested, our website has similar wood carving motifs and the prices and sizes of the products.