Wicker patterned inquiry prefabricated
  • Wicker patterned inquiry prefabricated
  • Wood intarsias for restoring furniture with home delivery
  • Marquetry inlays for restoring furniture on Naturtrend Shop
  • Wood marquetry intarsias for decoration and restoration
  • Restoring furniture is easier with our quality intarsias
  • The thickness of the wooden layer is the same as the most commonly used veneers.
  • The INT-560 is a fantasy line pattern.
  • Wood marquetry for antique furniture restoration.

Wood marquetry supplies, intarsias

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Reference: INT-560

If you are planning on restoring, you will be able to use these wood marquetry patterns in a variety of ways. The veneer is the same thick as the most commonly used marquetry designs, so it's easy to incorporate decorative elements. Inlaid woodworking with Naturtrend is an artistic work of art. Take a look around our wide selection and find the exact pieces you need!


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Total Price : $3.50

A wide selection of wood intarsias at Naturtrend Shop!

The woodblock pattern on the INT-560 intarsias is a classic pattern and is perfect for restoring antique furniture. The intarsias are well suited for veneering because they are 0.6 mm thick, the same as most commonly used veneers, so they can be easily fitted into the veneer. The treatment of furniture inlay decorative elements is not different from that of veneers, but it is important to note that they are more fragile due to their smaller width. If you are interested in inlaid coffee table and restoring furniture , the wood marquetry inlays UK we sell is an excellent material for your designs. DIY kitchen cabinets? The prefabricated inlaid designs we offer are a must-have for antique furniture restoration and make the furniture refurbishment process easier.

What is marquetry?

The word intarsia means insertion in Arabic. This is the decoration of various wooden surfaces, created by means of wooden inlays, veneers, in which the finished surface is in one plane.This art form dates back thousands of years. This form of decoration was used as early as in Egypt, as it is seen from the inlay technique on a cedar coffin, dating from the 12th Dynasty, 2012-1792 BC. But intarsia supplies were also known in India, Persia, Byzantium, Greece and Rome. Wood marquetry inlaid with amber, ivory and ebony from antiquity has also been preserved in Japan.

The Italian Renaissance was a period of outstanding inlaid woodwork, especially in churches, where rich inlaid designs were used to decorate churches. This Italian style spread throughout Europe, and wooden inlaid objects from this period have been found in every country. The French Rococo period also favoured wood inlay decoration.Restoring an antique piece of furniture, or making furniture at home, requires a lot of care and the love of the material. In this case, wood, the raw material for inlay.

The insertion of a prefabricated wooden frame is relatively simple but time-consuming and therefore requires a lot of patience. The finished work will certainly make up for the time and expense, as the price we offer for inlaid veneer is very reasonable.

In our Naturtrend website there is various marquetry patterns from different colors and materials. Click on this text for more wood inlays.

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