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Square column shape wooden legs for furniture 100mm high


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AS-DN-04 wooden legs for furniture  for example replacement bed legs in the  Naturtrend Shop. Dimensions 40 mm x 40 mm and length 100 mm. Our wooden feet for  furniture made of  real wood, beech are offered with untreated surface. So these wooden feet furniture can also be used well as wooden legs for sofas or wooden legs for cabinets or replacement bed legs UK, also.

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4,30 € tax incl.

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Purchase wooden legs for furniture, wooden legs for sofas or wooden legs for cabinets in the Naturtrend online shop. Our wooden feet for furniture are made of real beech wood. All the wooden legs for furniture which we offer have untreated surface. So these furniture feet made of wood can use well for replacement sofa legs or replacement bed legs. Other types of wood such as oak, ash or linden can also be used as the base material.
These wooden feet for furniture are ideal for office furniture, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, to name a few applications. Each piece of furniture has its own furniture legs, they have to match each other. The pretty square column shape  wooden legs for furniture are modern so they are best to use in a modern setting.

Our ready to use wooden feet for furniture help the carpanter and the DIY peole to repair furniture or making a new one.

Which types of wood are used?

Mainly local types of wood, mostly beech, but also oak, ash or linden. For soft types of wood, we recommend linden and maple.

Beech: is light yellow to red-brown and is hard. Beeches can grow up to 40 m high, the straight, hardly barking trunks reach a diameter of up to 1 m. Beech is easy to process, turn, mill and carve and is very popular with furniture manufacturers.

Oak: is extremely durable, has high strength and is weatherproof. The oak is the most important deciduous tree species in the northern hemisphere. The oak heartwood, which is only suitable for processing, has a gray-yellow to yellow-brown color and a very harmonious, even grain.

Ash is a hard wood with good strength properties. It is elastic and resistant to abrasion. It can be easily processed by hand or by machine. The surfaces are easy to treat, especially when dyeing. It is resistant to weak alkalis and acids, but only slightly weatherproof. It is rarely used outdoor.