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Wooden furniture legs for furnitore restoration


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KNN-1 wooden furniture legs are made of beech. The sizes are diameter of the wood block is 72 mm x 72 mm and the height is 120 mm.

The wooden legs for sofas  and feet for couches have always played an important role in decorating furniture. For the furniture restoration of antique carved cabinet will  be good solution to apply legs for furniture available in the Naturtrend Shop.

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5,80 € tax incl.

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Material Beech

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The wooden furniture legs have always played an important role in decorating furniture.
At Naturtrend Shop, we offer carved wooden furniture legs, which can be wooden bed legs, feet for couches or or wooden legs for cabinets for example. The legs for furniture are essential for antique furniture restoration.

Antique furniture restoration with the help of carved wooden furniture legs

These desing of wooden furniture legs can be mostly classified as Louis Philippe contemporary style. This style trend revived Baroque and Rococo forms in the 18th century. Louis Philippe was the Prince of Orléans, King of France. A style that mimicked the masterpieces of the past developed in his court. This neo-Rococo style shows a renewed interest in ornamentation, driven away by the bourgeois-tasting geometric Biedermeier. His chairs boast the saber-shaped legs he loved in several styles.

Take a look at the offer of Naturtrend selection of legs for furniture, find the most carved wooden furniture legs in style for your furniture. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.
You may know this design as furniture leg ikea, also.