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Create privacy for yourself with indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds for veranda and porch and rooms. Naturtrend offers 120cm (ca 47,27 inch wide) bamboo roller shades in several lengths (100/120/140/180/200/240cm. Buy blinds online and we ship by courier.

Available in both 1.st and 2.nd class quality.

We fabricate other sizes of custom cane blinds if you ask, for more click on the link, please.

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50,50 € tax incl.

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Create privacy by affordable price with indoor and outdoor bamboo blinds for veranda and porch and rooms. Naturtrend offers 120cm (cca 47,27inch wide) bamboo shades in several lengths (100/120/180/200/240cm. These bamboo window blinds never leave style, now online sale.

The selected blinds will be posted by courier within one week of the order. When you estimate the expected shipping of the product, please take into account the following: The bamboo blind is equipped with the mechanics on the working day after the order so that the pull-up cord is on the side of your choice. If you ask for wood oil treatment, the bamboo blinds need 2-3 days of squeak and drying time after the treatment before packing.

But, for example, if we want bamboo shades for every window and balcony door in one of our rooms, and we only find prefabricated blinds for the right size of windows and we don’t find prefabricated bamboo blinds for the right size for the doors. Then you can order a custom, made to measure bamboo blinds for the doors at the link below. Note that the price of prefabricated bamboo shades is always more favorable.
If you wish to order bamboo window blinds or blinds french doors in other sizes, please click on the link to order.

In the case of prefabricated bamboo blinds, if you interested in to buy at discount price. We can offer 2.nd class bamboo blinds at significantly lower prices. The characteristics properties of the product of second-class blinds are:  lenght may differ more than 2 cm per meter of nominal value, the lengths of the two edges may be different. The width of the blind may deviate from the nominal value by more than 3mm. It may contain more than 1 twisted chopstick per square meter. Its color may less uniform. The slats of the 2 ends of the blind may twisted, they may be curved. Second-class bamboo blinds can also be used as outdoor blinds if properly treated with wood oil. The wood oil treatmeant of the bamboo blinds are made for order, so ther are unique products.

What is great a couple of bamboo blinds is that it affords you the privacy you would like, but still allows light to flow throughout into the space of your patio, room, veranda. Creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You have got also the assuagement that you simply are using entirely natural and really durable materials in your decor. Please, inspect our range of bamboo roller shades now and find the cane blinds which can close up your look a la mode .
Bamboo window shades are an easy-to-install option when you are considering blinds for your home. Available from Naturtrend during a variety of widths and lengths to suit your windows, they’re versatile, straightforward and a dream to require care of. You’re always a wipe faraway from good-as-new window dressings with this sort of blind.

The low cost bamboo window shades bring a real feel of nature to any window of the house or porches, conservatory. With a choice of bamboo roll up blinds outdoor and indoor to choose from, each blind has its own unique characteristics to suit the sunshine and shade requirements of your room. In the online sale, an exciting selection of bamboo blinds material is out there to help fashion a bamboo window blinds as individual as you are. Our bamboo shades really are beautiful, natural window shades manufactured using high-quality bamboo from managed sustainable sources.
As bamboo could also be a fast-growing grass that can be harvested repeatedly and not wood, it's become much more popular as people become more aware of environmental issues.
We also offer a custom wood oil finish service to complement this range of high quality beautiful outdoor bamboo blinds, Allowing you to form a very stylish and truly unique outdoor bamboo blinds. Just contact us alongside your requirements.

Buy blinds online on a low cost.