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    The Naturtrend shop offers standing carved wood ornament with floral garland pattern for sale.The carving on wood are loyal helpers to carpenters and DIY in wooden furniture restoration.FK-270  carved wood ornament become nice dress up any home, after renovating an old window they give the whole room a new look. This floral garland is made of exotic wood...

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    The carved wood ornament with grape decorations offered by the Naturtrend shop are a popular piece of furniture making in today's interior design.The decorative wooden mouldings imitating the grape decorations are made of exotic wood. We offer them in right and left designs for furniture making. The grape carving belongs to the decoration of the wine...

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    The Naturtrend decorative wood mouldings for furniture store offers  french lilly wood carving, a faithful helper in carpentry for furniture restoration at home. The RK-057 wood carving with fleur de lys flowers pattern becomes an ornament in any home. Giving the room a new look after a renovation of old furniture. These carved wooden mouldings are made...

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    Naturtrend’s shop offers wooden rosettes at economical prices. If the furniture restoration of the old chest of drawers has long been part of your plans and you are missing the right wood corner moulding to make it, you are sure to find what you are looking for.The wooden rosettes are made of exotic wood. Our range of applique for furniture ornaments is...

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    Wooden corner moulding may be used in home furnishings, whether it's renovating old kitchen furniture by wood restorers or cabinet making at home. The Naturtrend wood carving shop offers corner decoration pieces that will give a new look to the wood furniture throughout the room. We offer wood corner moulding in pairs made of exotic wood, in designs on...

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    The square shape corner ornament with acanthus leaf carving RK-214 has a charming pattern with angular acanthus leaves. They can use in many ways as wood appliques decoration in the house. The period style wood carving we offer in 3 different sizes made of exotic wood. They do a good job beautifying furniture, doors or chests. Since they are untreated,...

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    Decorative wood mouldings for furniture are an essential part of wood furniture repairs. The wood corner moulding ensures that we get a uniform but varied image with their use. The carved wooden ornaments, like the present corner ornaments, also ensures sustainable development. As they are made of natural raw materials, wood. Naturtrend offers our SK-153...

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    The carved wood corbels with acanthus leaf carving offered by the Naturtrend online shop can use easily if the goal is to renovate the wood furniture at home or furniture making.The closing element of the corinthian column is the capital decorated with acanthus leaf carving, giving the furniture a new look.These wooden appliques UK are made of rubberwood....

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    This product is made from two types of hardwoods: maple and beech. We have many sizes of many products. This allows you to choose the perfect size for your furniture. These carvings can use for furniture or door decoration.

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    The Naturtrend shop offers decorative wood mouldings for furniture and floral wood carvings. FK-229 wide wood rosettes flower with tendrils are excellent for furniture restoration or production.These floral ornaments are the dream of every hobby carpenter for furniture restoration and making carving wood panels at home. The wood carving is made of exotic...

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    Capital mouldings with carved ancient greek patterns are available in three different sizes in the Naturtrend shop. We recommend it not only for professional wood restorers but also for DIY carpenters.The wooden corbels on offer are suitable for decorating antique carved cabinets and a great help to the user during furniture restoration.The VK-360...

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Showing 25 - 36 of 135 items