Wood rosette with acanthus leaf carving


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Rectangular wooden rosettes with acanthus leaf carving recommended by the Naturtrend wood carving shop. Wood appliques includes wooden corner moulding made of exota wood. That is great for repairing antique furniture. We are waiting for you with a large selection of wooden flowers. Come to us and find the wood rosettes and wood carvings that best suits your plans!

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2,00 € tax incl.

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Ornamentation is the decoration applied on the surface of objects, like carved wooden decorative elements, with which we can make objects, buildings and equipment more solemn. As decoration, they contribute to the design of our spaces, giving character to our environment. They beautify our buildings, we meet them on materials, wallpaper, ceramics, but also in parks and gardens.

These wood rosettes, wood carvings have a symmetrical design with floral decoration in the middle. RK-234 wood carving is made of exotic wood, which is one of the raw materials for sustainable development. Exotic wood wooden rosettes, wood carvings are actually made from the wood of the rubber tree from which the rubber is obtained. It can be painted and pickled in the same way as any other European wood. Exotic is harder than pine and softer than beech. According to its fiber structure and color, it is between beech and oak.

Doors, furniture, shelves can be decorated with our carved wooden decorative elements, making our environment personal and homely.