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2. class chair cane supplies


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This 2nd class chair cane as all the rattan weaving material made of the skin of the rattan plant. And also used for decoration and weaving decorative webbing.
The surface of the chair cane is bright and hard. It is difficult to paint. It is easier to coloring which is mixed in shellac or Beizen varnish.
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The 2nd class chair cane material may use to decoration or make webbing for decoration. The rattan fibers are not only aesthetic but also structural additions to bamboo and rattan products. They are suitable for both structural tying and decoration.

The rattan weaving material made of the skin of the rattan reeds. Rotang plant also known as rattan palm, which grows in the shady primeval forests crawling on the ground and trees. The stem develops with a longitudinal direction of fiber under a strong bark, the length of which can reach 200-300 meters. Very solid and flexible. Rattan plantations may regenerate every 10 years.

The rattan weaving material is made from the outer shell of the rattan, which is cut to different wide with the help of blades. This is chair cane material. The rattan weaving material then sorted. Chair cane fiber can use to make cane weaving, rattan webbing for decoration.

The chair cane supplies made of the outer shell of a rattan rod, it is difficult to paint. But the surface as bright as it was varnished. If you like to coloured apply coloring material mixed in shellac or in Beizen lacquer.

In our storehouse we have different width filaments in our chair cane supplies.

We have these chair cane supplies in 250g/coil. We sell full coil, only,  the minimum order quantity is 250g.

Use for repair of caned chair with groove (edging pre-woven cane paneling). Quality of 2nd class.