Cane sword for the fun of martial arts with sticks


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The Naturtrend Shop wants to favor Eastern martial arts fans with this cane sword. This fight stick is used in the martial arts with sticks branch of Eastern martial arts as: kung fu stick, aikido stick, judo stick. The rattan stick is 77cm long, available in first and second class quality.

The excellent mechanical properties of the rattan stick can be seen in the figure at the link below

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3,70 € per m

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The rattan or cane sword offered by Naturtrend Shop are made of rattan pole without the peel. The rattan palm is a lean-like plant that grows in the shady primaeval forests by crawling on soil and trees. It has no crown, its leaves are scattered. The stem develops with a longitudinal direction of the fibre under a strong bark, the length of which can reach 200 meters. Very solid and flexible.

The cane sword is extremely light, flexible, soft compared to wood, does not crack on impact, does not break. The rattan stick from which the cane sword make, use is diverse, e.g.

- as a material for indoor rattan furniture

- fight stick for various martial arts - ideal for intense training, oriental martial arts with sticks demonstrations

- making a bow

(The rattan pole can also be ordered, please write in the email how many pieces and what length of rod you want. Maximum order length: 2.60 m.)

Martial arts with sticks

Martial arts with sticks are still used in today's martial arts, dating back thousands of years. Also included are the fight stick, wooden bokken that have been used throughout Asia since the beginning of history. Not only by commoners but by monks. In martial arts, we know several types of sword - each with a different significance. They can be made of hard or flexible wood like oak, but also bamboo, pine and rattan. Rattan is typically used to make sticks of oriental martial arts. That is, a fight stick known as a kung fu stick, an aikido stick, wooden bokken, or escrima sticks (now also known as a mixed martial art stick). The techniques based on it are similar to the movements of freehand fighting that follow from the basic philosophy: the fight stick is an extension of the hand.

We offer a 77cm long rattan stick without the peel. The product is available in first and second class quality. On the surface of the first class cane sword is also allowed a colour change, brown stain. For first-class rattan sticks, a maximum curvature of 1 cm is allowed on the 70-cm piece. For the second class, a 3cm curvature is allowed.