Flat reed for chair caning and basket weaving material


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The flat reed is a wide, flat slice from rattan core.  The flat rattan is 0.5 mm thick and easy to work with it. This flat reed is available in a half kilogram package at the Naturtrend Shop (1kg are  cca 500m). This raw material is a flat reed for chair caning and for repair wicker chair and basket weaving material. Before use, soaked in water that you can easily work with them.

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The harvested rattan plant may process with skin or without skin.
The skin of the rattan rod is peeled off, pulling 5-6 mm wide strands from it. These outer skin fibers made of riband cane, binding cane, chair cane and some kind of rattan webbing. All of the rattan material made of skin has a common feature that difficult to absorb moisture, difficult to paint.

The flat reed is a wide and flat rattan core variety. Like the present product, the shellless rattan rod is made from the inside of the rattan, the material is the same as the round reed material. It is statically weaker than the outer skin flat binding cane, but in contrast flat reed is easy to paint and pickle because it absorbs the paint evenly. The flat rattan is 0.5 mm thick and easy to work with. This flat reeds are available in a half kg coil at the Naturtrend Shop (1kg at around 500m). The minimum quantity of order is 0.5 kg.

The flat reed which were soaked in water bends well without breaking, easily picks up the arc of rattan material, and when dried, it becomes stright. Making easier to work with flat rattan. It is important that the glue become not visible after drying, so it is advisable to use wood glue.

The flat reeds are the raw material for handicraft supplies for creative people all of their DIY projects. These creative accessories, which elements are rattan furniture making, repair wicker chair, basket making. The flat reed  can be used to decorate and fasten the connection point of furniture legs and other bamboo and rattan products alike. Rattan furniture repair can also be done at home with the help of flat reed for chair caning. The basket weaving supplies and flat reed offered in the Naturtrend provides a suitable solution for this.

The flat rattan is also suitable as a basket weaving material. Basket weaving is an ancient craft that man presumably descended from nesting birds. In different parts of the world, different basket weaving techniques have developed, mainly depending on plant varieties of raw matrials such as grain stalks, palms, willows or reeds.