Round reed basket weaving material for craft ideas


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To use the round reed is a repository of craft ideas for DIY projects. The round reed may be used in many ways, such as basket weaving material, reed diffuser or rattan stick. Before use for basket making  watered the rattan core, then the round reed can be easily shaped and become practically unbreakable. The Naturtrend offers basket cane  in five different diameters with circular cross-section.

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Rattan core and round reed in basket weaving supplies

The raw material for round reed or rattan core is rotang which plant is known as rattan palm also. Which is a liana-like plant that grows in the shady primeval forests crawling on the ground and trees. It has no crown, its leaves are scattered. The stem develops with a longitudinal direction of fiber under a strong bark, the length of which can reach 200-300 meters. Very solid and flexible. The inner soft parts (rattan core) are used for basket making, to achieve craft ideas DIY. The creative supplies such as the basket weaving material are also used, and the frame of the rattan furniture itself is made.

The round reed is made from the inside of the rattan. Rattan core is available in several diameters and several shape of cross section. Easy to work with round reed, it is a basic basket weaving material, but also excellent for making home furnishing items DIY. Children can also work with it, a popular raw material for creative craft ideas. It can be painted and pickled well, although it looks good even in its natural surface.

Round reed for reed diffuser

The pleasant-smelling home soothes and relaxes. Most scents have a series of emotions and sights and memories, thus shaping the harmony of our environment, which is why we all strive to achieve it. One of the oldest ways to perfume a home is when the water that becomes vapor carries the scent of essential oils. There are several versions of fragrance: scented candle, candle, spray, perfume lamp, but the real fragrance is made from a natural ingredient, like a reed diffuser stick made of round reed. The rattan reed diffuser stick not only performs its function as a fragrant, but it is made from a renewable resource, it does not require energy for its operation, therefore it contributes to sustainable development, which has become a priority aspect especially nowadays.

The inside natural reed diffuser is not hollow, but a solid, strong fibrous material. Along its length, the vessel bundles contain large water-carrying cells, which absorb water and transmit it. You can also make a homemade fragrance by placing a rattan core stick in the essential oil liquid as soon as it absorbs the moisture, the fragrance evaporates into the air together with the liquid. If we want to increase the intensity of the scent, we need to increase the number of round reed sticks. It can be placed in several parts of the apartment, it does not require constant inspection, it smells, and we can relax.

These materials are very good for basket making. This is our basket weaving supplies UK. Before you use the basket cane you must watered them. The wetted rattan core become a very easily workable thread. You can form it any shape, practically you can not broke it. The inner part of the round reed include many tubes, the basket cane sticks can use to evaporate parfume for example. There are two kind of them, which are differ from each other in the shape of the cross section. The circle cross section round reed we have in different diameters from 1,5mm to 10mm. The another shape is the wedge, it can be used to caned chairs making and reparation. Every pegging cane are first class quality. The average length of the thread is 3,5m , the minimal length is 1,5m and the maximum 6m. The prices exclude the postage fee, it is ex-work gross prices. Round reed is in 0,5 kg packages.