Wedge shape reed spline for caning thonet bentwood chair


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The wedge shaped reed spline is made of rattan core. The reed spline for caning is recommended for caned chair repair.  Because the wedge shaped reed spline can fix and hold the cane webbing into the groove of seat frame. The reed spline can be a good basket weaving material, also. Naturtrend offer it a really affordable price in the webshop.

1kg reed spline at around 60m lenght.

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49,00 € tax incl.

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The wedge shaped reed spline is made of rattan palm. Naturtrend Shop offer  wedge-shaped reed spline for caning for sale at reasonable price. We sell this product per weight. When the shell is peeled from the stem of the rattan palm, longitudinal pieces are cut from the inside of the remaining rattan rod, which is drawn through a round or, in the case of wedge-shaped reed spline, wedge-shaped ring.
The wedge-shaped reed spline is mostly used as a material used to repair thonet bentwood chair with a grooved frame, because with this reed spline the cane webbing is pressed into the frame and fix it. The reed is also made into a reed diffuser stick and known as a basket weaving material.

Your reed spline is very flexible. When soaked in water, it is easy to process.

Reed spline is also known as a raw material for basket making. Basket making is an ancient craft that man presumably descended from nesting birds. In different parts of the world, different basket making techniques have developed, mainly depending on plant varieties such as grain stalks, palms, willows or reeds.