Radio wave paper cane webbing roll 90cm wide

PROP-2x2-90 Naturtrend

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90 cm wide decorative rattan webbing, a natural light-coloured material woven from a special folded-rolled cellulose (paper) strip used in the Far East. The width of the strips is about 2mm, the holes are square with sides of about 2mm.
This paper radio wave rattan webbing is an economical, very reasonably priced alternative. We recommend the use of this product for decorative purposes.

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56,70 € tax incl.

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In which cases can we use PROP-2x2-90 decorative radio wave paper rattan webbing ?

- it can be used to make a rattan screen divider
- rattan radiator cover
- rattan panel inserts, door front, door insert material
- hide hot water boilers
- making rattan panel

How to clean this decorative radio wave paper rattan webbing with rectangular holes?

The decorative radio wave paper cane webbing roll is impregnated and can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Just like the perforated cane webbing roll, this perforated decorative radio wave rattan webbing is also well ventilated, ensuring unobstructed air circulation. It is therefore ideal for making rattan radiator cover, and rattan screen divider.
If you are making a ventilated cupboard door, rattan panel then the perforated decorative rattan webbing roll is a great choice for making the door front.
This door lining material is lightweight, well ventilated. The price is advantageous compared to the price of other cane webbing roll.

Just like other cane webbing roll goods, our paper radio wave cane webbing comes in rolls. The length of a roll is 15.24 metres. But of course we will cut the desired quantity for you. If you buy a whole roll we give you a 10% discount and free postage.