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Wooden legs for furniture, cabriole legs of exotic wood, 74cm

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Reference: AL-828-2

The AL-828 wooden legs for furniture are made of exotic wood. This product is first-class design. Such a wooden leg for table is ideal if you plan to restore wood furniture, especially of baroque style. Since the product is marketed untreated, in its natural form, you must handle its surface treatment. Can be freely painted or varnished.

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The right wooden table legs

Choosing the right wood legs for furniture is crucial when we plan on restoring furniture. Picking the wrong wooden leg for table, for example, can ruin the overall picture of the whole room. That is why the Naturtrend shop offers more than 80 different wooden furniture legs. Typically, one model is available in several sizes. These products are made of hard beech wood or exotic wood.

The products in question can best be classified as Louis-Philippe period style and are primarily used as wooden table legs. In the 18th century, the style direction revived the baroque and rococo forms. Philip Louis, the French citizen king, was the Duke of Orléans. His court developed a style that imitated the masterpieces of the past. This neo-rococo style once again shows an interest in ornamentation, which was chased away by the geometric Biedermeier with bourgeois taste. Furniture legs and table legs are meant to complement this style.

What do you need to know about exotic wood?

The exotic wood comes from the clearing of harvested rubber tree plantations. It has no characteristic veining and is light in color. Suitable for all surface treatments (pickling, glazing) and varnishing.

Take a look at Naturtrend's offer and find the furniture legs and wooden table legs that match the style of your furniture. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

Discount second class wood products are carved table leg products with minor aesthetic defects, so it is advisable to use them during furniture renovations where top-coating is used.

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