Turned dining table legs and wooden feet for furniture
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  • Turned dining table legs and wooden feet for furniture

Turned dining table legs and wooden feet for furniture may apply for all furniture styles, can be used during antique furniture restoration.
The table legs wood we offer are sold in three types of wood: beech, oak, ash.
Beech is deciduous, its trunk is reddish brown, approaching oak in hardness. It can grow up to 35-40 m in height, the large diameter stump can reach up to 1 m. It can be machined and bent well with all tools, it is the most important raw material for the production of wooden feet for furniture, turned dining table legs and furniture accessories.
Oak is prevalent mainly in the mountains, with both shrubs and large trees occurring in the genus, up to a height of 35 m. Bark is cracked, its biological resistance is excellent. Valuable hardwood, easy to machine, can be carved after steaming. It is used to make turned  wood legs, furniture accessories such as table legs wood, chair legs or chest of drawers, but also barrels, parquet, building and sleepers.
Ash is a medium-growing tree species belonging to the genus Olives, and its material is a strong but flexible hardwood. It can be processed well by hand and machine, its surface can be easily pickled. In addition to furniture and furniture accessories, furniture legs, they are the basic material of bows, handles, baseball bats, wood table legs UK and guitar bodies. Dry ash wood is durable, less resistant outdoors, so it is used less frequently there.
If you need help in your decision, take a look at the offer of Naturtrend, find the most wooden feet for furniture and turned table legs in the style that suits your furniture. We only offer products made from natural ingredients. Natural beauty for sustainability.

The wooden feet for furniture underwent certains modifications characteristic in their form in the history of the decorative arts. The feet of the furniture most often affect the shape of small barrels of narrow parallel fluted columns. This type of turned wood leg is strong, massive and graceful at the same time. You can put these wooden feet under coffee tables, dining tables or bars.


Turned dining table legs and wooden feet for furniture

Reference: AS-AL-01-1-B

The wooden feet for furniture and table legs wood with article number AS-AL-01 are available online in several sizes from the Naturtrend Shop.

These turned dining table legs and turned wood leg are available in three types of wood, beech, oak and ash.
These wood table legs may apply for antique furniture restoration for example or refurbish period furniture by carpenter of DIY project.

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