Open cane webbing for cane chair, available with home delivery
  • Open cane webbing for cane chair, available with home delivery
  • Rattan sheet (60cm wide rattan by the metre) with home delivery
  • 60cm wide cane webbing for repairing cane chairs
  • Rattan by the metre for recaning chair seats
  • Open cane webbing for cane chair, quality natural material
  • Open cane webbing for cane chair, quality material
  • Recaning chair seats is easier with quality materials
  • Rattan sheet (60cm wide rattan by the metre)
  • For repairing caned chair, order rattan sheet from Naturtrend Shop

Rattan sheet (60cm wide rattan by the metre)

Delivery time: 3-6 workdays to arrive to United States

Reference: TH-5/8-60-S

The TH-5/8-60-S a high-quality 60 cm wide open cane webbing available from Naturtrend Shop. The pitted cane webbing is a well-ventilated rattan weaving that used to repair bentwood chairs. But today, it can use to make an excellent rattan radiator cover or rattan screen divider, rattan wardrobe door.

Buy oline and we will deliver the cane webbing to your door by post.

Available Products:


Base Price (per m): $63.90

Total Price : $63.90


What is the cane webbing made of?

The cane webbing made of rattan, also known as rattan or rotang palm. It is a fast-growing, lean-like creeper native to the primeval forests of Southeast Asia. It can grow lianas up to 200 meters long, making rattan one of the longest plants on Earth.

Why so many name of the cane webbing?

It is certainly difficult to navigate between names of ane webbing. The most important thing is to separate the rattan weaving materials into closed and open cane webbing.

What can we know about TH-5/8-60-S rattan sheet?

The TH-5/8-60-S open cane webbing made from the outer skin of the rattan. The rattan sheet is stronger, more loadable. Not easy to paint and colour. If you like to this, you need to apply shellac dissolved paint or special Beizen varnish. The more commonly known perforated rattan weaving is the open cane webbing for thonet chair. That was once used for caned chair. And make the seating and back part of the bentwood chairs and the rocking chairs, also. The cane webbing marked with S is still used mainly for the recaning chair seats. But as  a well-ventilated material, it is also excellent for rattan room divider, rattan radiator cover and door inserts for bedroom wardrobe sliding doors for example or a DIY rattan headboard

The bentwood chairs and rocking chairs repair can do at home, also. If you feel you have enough potential for this demanding job, we will send you a DVD that will guide you step by step through the repair process.

How can we prepare rattan sheet before use?

The rattan sheet can be easily cut to size with a larger pair of scissors. It is advisable to soak it in water before use, because then it will soften temporarily. In this case, the wet rattan sheet material can be more easily attached, for example, to the door frame.

How do I get discounts on open cane webbing?

The rattan weaving material we offer can be purchased rattan by the metre. The length of the cane webbing roll are 15.24 m. When buying a whole roll, we provide you with two benefits: on the one hand, a 10% discount on the price of the product, and on the other hand, we pay the postage.

What types of thonet materials are there? Which is good for what? 

Should I use ½ and ⅝ hole pitch material?

There are several types of hole-punched thonet material. At Naturtrend we basically stock two halves. Their pattern can have a similar repetition of ½ and ⅝ col, you can read this from the product code. e.g. TH-½-60-S

Which one do you need? If you buy new, whichever you prefer. If you are replacing an existing one, it is important that it is the same, you can calculate it as follows:

Calculate the hole pitch. 

1col - 2.54 cm 

How many holes are there in 1 inch? 2.1 cm - 1 inch 1 inch 1.5 cm - 4 holes in 5.5 cm. Measure from the rightmost yarn to the rightmost yarn of the 4th hole.  

5.5 cm / 2.54 cm = 2.16 cm 

2.16 / 4 (holes) = ½

So the thonet webbing is ½.

How many holes are there in 1 inch? 6.9 cm has 4 holes. Measure from the rightmost yarn to the rightmost yarn of the 4th hole.  

6.9 cm / 2.54 cm = 2.71 cm

2,71 / 4 = 0,677

So the thonet webbing is ⅝.

The fabric should be measured both horizontally and vertically, as the fabric may be slightly distorted. 

And with old hand-stitched chairs, it is easy to get neither of the hole pitches exactly right.


Data sheet

Method of use
Air-permeable material
Chair repair
Decorative fabric
False ceiling
Radiator cover
Reed fabric strength
Chair repair quality

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