Brown bamboo panel for bamboo cladding
  • Brown bamboo panel for bamboo cladding
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  • Bamboo wall panels

The bamboo wall panels we offer have a textile backside, to which the bamboo strips are glued. Such bamboo wallpaper can be perfect when we wish to build cupboard door panels or bamboo wardrobe doors. Bamboo rolls are also ideal for wainscotting, as they make beautiful decorative wall panels for living room.

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We offer jointing and edging strips for the bamboo cladding.

You will probably need to cut the bamboo wallpaper before its use. Doing so is quite easy when we want to cut parallel to the strips. A simple linoleum cutter will suffice. However, if you wish to cut through the stips, you might want to use strong tailor’s scissors.

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Bamboo wallpaper, bamboo wall panels for wainscotting, bamboo wardrobe doors

Reference: BT-12-B-2-120-1-K

This bamboo wallpaper consists of 12mm wide bamboo strips glued to a large textile surface. The bamboo wall panels have a complete length of 15m and a width of either 120 or 180cm. The “BT-12-B-2” bamboo wallpaper has a middle brown color and has a silk gloss varnishing. It can be used to build decorative wall panels for living room or cupboard door panels.

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