Buy bamboo wall panels for decoration and heat insulation
  • Buy bamboo wall panels for decoration and heat insulation
  • Bamboo wallpaper, bamboo panelling for living room, sliding closet doors
  • Bamboo rolls for sliding closet doors
  • Wall panelling for the living room or wardrobe door coverings
  • Bamboo wall panels or sliding closet doors
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Bamboo wallpaper, bamboo panelling for living room, sliding closet doors

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Reference: BT-11-ZB-1

The “BT-11-ZB-1” bamboo wallpaper is made of the outer shell of the plant, therefore, the greenish brown color of bamboo defines the surface of the product. These wainscotting bamboo rolls are 15mm long, and available in either 120 or 180cm width. The individual strips that make the bamboo panelling rolls up are 11mm.

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Base Price (per m): $47.80

Total Price : $47.80


The greenish brown bamboo wallpaper with reference code “BT-11-ZB-1” consists of 11mm wide bamboo strips glued to a textile. The textile backside makes its application to most surfaces easier. Bamboo panelling can lend a really egzotic feeling to your home. Such bamboo rolls are a great choice for wainscotting, as they make beautiful wall paneling for living room, but they are also ideal as sliding closet doors or wardrobe door coverings.

How to glue your bamboo wall protectors!

Wall protection ideas, or how to stick it on the wall!

Clean the surfaces to be glued from minor defects. In the case of a wall, it is worth running a putty over the surface a few times. In this way, minor irregularities and dried-on paint drops disappear. In the next step, prepare the D2 glue and mix it diluted with some water. Apply the material evenly to the wall surface to be glued. After that, the prepared bamboo wall covering just needs to be stuck on the wall. Then fix it while drying. The easiest way to do this is with a few small nails and pieces of lath.

When applying the bamboo wallpaper, you should first clean the intended area. In the case of walls, you might want to swipe the surface with a putty-knife to get rid of dried paint drops or rough spots. Then apply the glue to the surface (water it down if necessary), place the bamboo panelling on top of it and keep it steady until the glue fixes.

We offer jointing and edging strips for the bamboo wall panels.

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How to gluing the bamboo wallpaper

The bamboo wall protectors are available in class 1 and class 2. 

What makes a wall protection material second class? 

The following defects can occur in second class bamboo wallcoverings:

- The end of the stick is broken (this defect can be completely eliminated with an edge sealer)

- Several lengths of the stick are cracked

- Small greyish discolorations

- Surface treatment, varnishing defects

- The sticks do not fit perfectly


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