Decorative wood mouldings and wood appliques for furniture and decorative wood panels

What are decorative wood mouldings for furniture?

Each individual piece of decorative wood mouldings for furniture is like a small work of art and has its own function in cabinet making and furniture restoration. They aestheticize and make confortable our everyday life. But also complement the function of our furniture and decorative wood panels...

What are decorative wood mouldings for furniture?

Each individual piece of decorative wood mouldings for furniture is like a small work of art and has its own function in cabinet making and furniture restoration. They aestheticize and make confortable our everyday life. But also complement the function of our furniture and decorative wood panels. The wood appliques are not just motifs or part of the decoration. They contribute to the interior design of our house and give it characteristics, give our rooms their own personality.

In Latin word "ornamentum" means to decorate or decorate. In the past, its function was a kind of symbolic representation, in the form of a repeating pattern. Mostly one thinks of a collection of decorative elements, these art elements are used to beautify buildings and your furnitures. The art of carpentry use wood appliques as ornaments. You can see them on fabrics or wallpaper, on ceramics, in parks and gardens. In music they are called pictorial representations, in painting they are rhythmic folds.

What can the decorative wood mouldings for furniture be used for?

The decorative wood mouldings for furniture and wood appliques products are made of natural materials and are also offered in natural versions (without surface treatment). Since these products are untreated, they can be easily painted, stained and varnished. The carved wooden mouldings are made of solid wood, so they are ideal for outdoor use after appropriate surface treatment.
With decorative wood mouldings for furniture, pieces of furniture can be restored or recreated in a variety of ways, and are indispensable in decorating our home. You don't have to be a carpenter to be able to work with these wood appliques, wooden corbes or crown molding, even hobbyists can feel like a professional craftsman.
With our crown molding and wood appliques, cupboards, shelves, picture frames, bed ends, garden fences, gates can be designed decoratively - there are no limits to our creativity! Decorative wood mouldings for furniture are the perfect choice to decorate new furniture or to restore old ones. So our kitchen cupboard can be designed according to our taste, but the grandmother's old chest of drawers appears in its old splendor.
There is a large selection of carved wooden mouldings in our shop. Fleur de lys flowers, French lilly, grape vine decorations, decorative wood panels, carved wooden mirror frames, even angel carvings are offered. Decorative elements made of wood bring joy into the house. No more boredom - you will feel like you are in a new apartment.
Rosetts, wooden corbels and wood appliques are available in many different sizes and patterns, from delicate small to attractive large pieces. They are well suited for headboards of bed, decorative wood panels, entrance doors or gates, and can be used well in restoring antique furniture.

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What is the decorative wood mouldings for furniture made of?

Mainly made of exotic wood, beech or maple. The ecotic wood mean of the wood of Hevea brasiliensis so called rubber tree.

What surface treatment are the wooden ornaments for furniture subjected to?

Just none, they have untreated surface. They can be stained, painted or varnished as desired. Treatment with wood oil is advisable.

How difficult is it to use the offered wooden ornaments at home?

Your furniture can already be renewed relatively easily with the help of our wood appliques, wood corbels or wood rosetts. Take a closet, for example. Corner decorations are attached to the four corners and a wooden rosette in the geometric center - success is certain! So: have fun with it!

We offer you decorations for your home, not only for doors, front door or gateway. But on our website, you will find pieces for decorative wood panels, for windows and beds as well. Notice that these carvings are not only suitable for period, solid wood double beds, but any single bed, cot or crib. The looks of these furnitures can be refreshed with our recommended wood carvings. Indeed, a carving looks great on a period piece bed, but the two ends of a crib closed by a graceful bow shaped custom carving will enhance it with a noble look.


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  • Wood appliques and decorative wooden mouldings classified by shape and form

    Decorative wooden mouldings have been known since ancient times. In the Middle East, features have been found with simple decorations that are around 10,000 years old, such as on cave walls. Teh decorative wood panels have always been a way of expression for people. The ancient wood appliques with spiral patterns or rosettes had been used for thousands of years before Chrsiti. Plant motifs from lotus leaves, depictions of animals and even people are also not unknown. The Greeks used the well-known acanthus leaf, fantasy creatures were added in Rome, but also grapes or laurel leaves. And who would not know the rose windows of the Gothic period?

    Modernity has banished decorations, including decorative wooden mouldings, to the background. But today ornamental art is experiencing a new period, also made of wood. Garden fences, entrance doors or our gates outside, cupboards, beds inside and other cabinet making works can be adorned with wooden decorations. Decorating furniture with ornaments is like creating a new home. The unique characteristic for furniture results from the variety of wood appliques as decoration. Rooms can be rebuilt with decorative wooden mouldings, be it crown molding or wooden corbels.

    In our restoration shop you will find wooden corbels for cabinet making and decorative wood panels making, also. These decorative wooden moulding for furniture and wood appliques classified according to type and function. Let yourself be seduced!

    What wood appliques can be applied to?

    The of wood appliques are almost unlimited: crown moulding for furniture, wood corbels as cupboard ornaments. Attach wood decorations yourself, decorate new furniture with decorative wood panels, but also other decoration work.

    What surface treatments have the wood appliques?

    Wood appliques have natural, untreated surface. So a surface treatment is required for outdoor use! The treatment must be repeated at certain times.

    How are decorative wooden mouldings protected from shipping damage?

    All decorative wooden mouldings are attached to an MDF fibreboard to prevent breakage.

  • Decorative wooden mouldings by style and shape

    The decorative wooden mouldings do not only decorate furniture. But the decorative wooden mouldings for furniture are used for interior design and also for redesigning our surroundings outside.
    Wooden carving and crown molding are sold by us as wood ornaments to be glued on. So they can be ideally used as furniture mouldings, cupboard decorations, decorative wood panels and cabinet making. The great selection of our offer ensures that you will find the right one for your design. In Naturtrend webshop you can see the decorative wooden mouldings listed according to style, shape and subject. Get new home furnishing ideas, take a look at the selection of our great variety!

    What surface treatment do the decorative wooden mouldings need?

    Since these are wooden carving pieces, they are mostly attached to the surface of doors or furniture. The surface treatment used for the decorative wooden mouldings is the same as that used for the wing.

    How can the wooden carving be attached to furniture?

    We recommend. The wooden carving glue with industrial wood glue. Please note! That you choose the glue type which becomes transparent after drying.

    What is exotic wood?

    It is the wood of the rubber tree, also called Hevea brasiliensis. Exotic wood is obtained as sustainably wood. The milk sap, also called natural latex, is come from the rubber tree. After about 24 years the tree stops producing the milk sap, the trees are felled. This felled wood is mainly used for furniture construction, for example, making decorative wooden mouldings.

    Ornamental art was pushed into the background for a while in the 20th century, but postmodernism gave it a rebirth. The digital revolution ensures a new way of presenting these works of art. The communication processes, globalization, multicultural society let the ornamental art revive, especially as a graphic element. In every epoch the ornament was a carefully cultivated type of representation that reflected the respective culture, so today there is an unlimited style and form pluralism due to digital design methods.

  • Period style carved wood mirror frames

    Why should you install mirrors with carved mirror frames in your home?

    Wood mirror frame with mirror make the room bigger, they make the apartment brighter. Inside a good mirror border, they are a real gem for the home design. Period style carved wood mirror frame can take an excellent place in the room. Decorating a mirror frame can replace a picture on the wall. Because it is not only practical, it is also decorative.
    The art of carving followed the style epochs, this can also be seen in mirror frames made of wood for example on vintage wooden mirror frames. The patterns changed, the mirror stayed. In Naturtrend wood carving online shop, you can choose some period designs of carved wood mirror frames.
    You can choose the wood mirror frame that best suits you and your home.

    We also recommend our decorative wood mouldings for furniture and wood appliques, moldings to choose from, for a beautiful and decorative home!

    How do you turn the wood mirror frame into a finished part?

    It is advisable to have the plane mirror cut to size in a glazier.

    What should I do if I want gold-plated carved wood mirror frames?

    A very nice design, but requires serious expertise. Let's leave it to the master!

    When should the surface treatment take place of the oval wood mirror before or after the glass is inserted?

    In any case before inserting it, so it remains unpolluted by the surface treatments of the wood mirror frame.

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    The Naturtrend shop offers standing carved wood ornament with floral garland pattern for sale.The carving on wood are loyal helpers to carpenters and DIY in wooden furniture restoration.FK-270  carved wood ornament become nice dress up any home, after renovating an old window they give the whole room a new look. This floral garland is made of exotic wood...

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  • 8,00 € per pc In Stock

    The carved wood ornament with grape decorations offered by the Naturtrend shop are a popular piece of furniture making in today's interior design.The decorative wooden mouldings imitating the grape decorations are made of exotic wood. We offer them in right and left designs for furniture making. The grape carving belongs to the decoration of the wine...

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  • 2,00 € In Stock

    The square shape corner ornament with acanthus leaf carving RK-214 has a charming pattern with angular acanthus leaves. They can use in many ways as wood appliques decoration in the house. The period style wood carving we offer in 3 different sizes made of exotic wood. They do a good job beautifying furniture, doors or chests. Since they are untreated,...

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  • 2,40 € per pc In Stock

    The Naturtrend decorative wood mouldings for furniture store offers  french lilly wood carving, a faithful helper in carpentry for furniture restoration at home. The RK-057 wood carving with fleur de lys flowers pattern becomes an ornament in any home. Giving the room a new look after a renovation of old furniture. These carved wooden mouldings are made...

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  • 2,20 € In Stock

    Naturtrend’s shop offers wooden rosettes at economical prices. If the furniture restoration of the old chest of drawers has long been part of your plans and you are missing the right wood corner moulding to make it, you are sure to find what you are looking for.The wooden rosettes are made of exotic wood. Our range of applique for furniture ornaments is...

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  • 6,20 € per pc In Stock

    The carved wood corbels with acanthus leaf carving offered by the Naturtrend online shop can use easily if the goal is to renovate the wood furniture at home or furniture making.The closing element of the corinthian column is the capital decorated with acanthus leaf carving, giving the furniture a new look.These wooden appliques UK are made of rubberwood....

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  • 1,90 € per pc In Stock

    Decorative wood mouldings for furniture are an essential part of wood furniture repairs. The wood corner moulding ensures that we get a uniform but varied image with their use. The carved wooden ornaments, like the present corner ornaments, also ensures sustainable development. As they are made of natural raw materials, wood. Naturtrend offers our SK-153...

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  • 3,00 € per pc In Stock

    This product is made from two types of hardwoods: maple and beech. We have many sizes of many products. This allows you to choose the perfect size for your furniture. These carvings can use for furniture or door decoration.

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  • 1,90 € per pc In Stock

    Wood corner moulding and the other furniture overlays UK give a new look to the furniture. But even the whole room.The corner decorations can be placed in the corner of the furniture to give unique look to our home furnishing items. Naturtrend offer made of exotic wood, also a wooden corner moulding, with which the furniture making, the renovation of...

    1,90 € per pc
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  • 4,80 € per pc In Stock

    The Naturtrend shop offers decorative wood mouldings for furniture and floral wood carvings. FK-229 wide wood rosettes flower with tendrils are excellent for furniture restoration or production.These floral ornaments are the dream of every hobby carpenter for furniture restoration and making carving wood panels at home. The wood carving is made of exotic...

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  • 3,50 € In Stock

    Capital mouldings with carved ancient greek patterns are available in three different sizes in the Naturtrend shop. We recommend it not only for professional wood restorers but also for DIY carpenters.The wooden corbels on offer are suitable for decorating antique carved cabinets and a great help to the user during furniture restoration.The VK-360...

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  • 1,80 € per pc In Stock

    Our carved wood ornamentation products are basically classified into two categories. Firstly, the handcrafted wood carvings and secondly, carved decorations for resale.

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