Capital mouldings with acanthus leaf carving


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The capital mouldings with acanthus leaf carving offered by the Naturtrend online shop are easy to use if the goal is furniture restoration at home.
The closing element of the column is one type of the ancient greek capitals. It is the Corinthian which is decorated with acanthus motif, giving a new look to the furniture.
These capital mouldings are made of exota wood.

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4,20 € tax incl.

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Material Exota light
Surface Without tratement

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The Naturtrend online store recommends these beautiful capital mouldings with an acanthus leaf carving at an affordable price. VK-370 carved decorative wooden mouldings are made of exotic wood. Exota wood can paint and pickle in the same way as any other European wood. Exotic wood is a rubber tree from which rubber is obtained. It is harder than pine and softer than beech.

Capital mouldings are an important part of home furnishing if your plans include furniture restoration at home. Or build decorative panels for furniture. Our webshop awaits you with a large selection of wood carvings.
The capitellum in Greek means head, a column head or capital, the closing element of a column head. In architecture, three Greek column heads were distinguished, the Doric column head, the Ionian and Corinthian column heads, adorned with the well-known acanthus leaf carving pattern.