Fleur de lis carvings on wood


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Classic pattern of fleur de lis or fleur de lys (lily in french) shaped pattern decorative wood appliques for furniture. The wood appliques can be ordered in several sizes. It is not only a symbol of the Scouts. But also during the renovation of furniture, this carvings on wood is also the friend of the joiner. Made from a  light-coloured wood, freely dyed and varnished.

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One of the most beautiful classical carvings on wood for furniture is the lily in French (fleur de lis, fleur de lys). There is a debate among professionals about what this wood appliques depicts. The so-called Anjou lily (fleur de lys literally means French: flower of lily) or French lily.Others say it's not even a floral motif. This seems to be evidenced by the fact that it has a significantly different shape from the lily. The characteristic lily in french only appears in the 19th century as a symbol of the French kings in art and heraldry. Some say three spear heads.
According to others, when comparing the French lily to the jou-like gym helmet decorated with ostrich feathers, it turns out that the much-talked-about French lily must be nothing more than a primitive and stylized symbol of the ostrich-feathered knighthood. It was only because of the popularity of the lily that it was later forgotten, when its origin, the name Anjou Lily, was forgotten. Another other view is that the symbol is indeed a floral motif, but it mimics the flower of the iris, not the lily.
Not only the beauty of the form, but also the symbols and meaning layers that have been stacked over the centuries are also captivating.
This decorative wood carving UK for furniture is not only used to help the carpenter during the DIY furniture restoration, but also in the decorative works .But it is also essential for the design of decorative wood panels.