French lily carving fleur-de-lis

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Classic pattern of fleur-de-lys or fleur-de-lis (French lily) shaped pattern decorative wood mouldings for furniture. The wooden appliques UK can be ordered in several sizes. It is not only a symbol of the Scouts. But also during the renovation of furniture, this woodcarving is also the friend of the joiner. Made from a  light-coloured wood, freely dyed and varnished.

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One of the most beautiful classical decorative wood carvings for furniture motifs is the French lily (fleur-de-lis, fleur-de-lys). There is a debate among professionals about what this wood appliques UK depicts. The so-called Anjou lily (fleur de lys literally means French: flower of lily) or French lily.Others say it's not even a floral motif. This seems to be evidenced by the fact that it has a significantly different shape from the lily. The characteristic French Lily only appears in the 19th century as a symbol of the French kings in art and heraldry. Some say three spear heads. 

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